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G. Gurbangeldiyev.
Geographic names in the first book of president of Turkmenistan «Turkmenistan is — the Heart of the Great Silk Road».

M. Rejepov, E. Kakajanov.
From the history of ancient fortress.

R. Muhammedov, Y. Hochjyev.
The role of «Kushdepdi» in Turkmen mastery of music.

S. Akmuradova.
Development of speech recognition skills using interactive methods in English language lessons.

J. Toychiyeva, └. Owezova.
Development of complex programs for the development of mental abilities of children.

G. Gelenova.
The forming of new generation of scientists — time requirement.

W. Kadyrov.
Legal regulation of ensuring effciency sectoral management.

╬. Popyyeva.
Enhancement of economic effciency of air transport.

╠. Amaniyazov.
Procurement of nanopart of materials in liquid in the way of laser ablation.

B.└. Jumayev, G.B. Agajanova.
Application for safe handling of electronic data-base control of electronic power conasumers.

╠. Ekayev, └. └ltyyev, W. Abdysetdarov.
Analysis, cleaning and production of SiO2 from the sand of the Karakum desert and the production of silicon by the carbothermic method.

G. Garyagdyyev.
Modern technology for growing plants in desert areas.

└. Abdyrahmanova.
Market grouping ecologically clean production in Turkmenistan.

K. Yalkabov.
Drafting of electronic digital card of geo map of economic cost and productive class of lands.

R. Nepesov.
Getting a product by the method of a gas lift valve.

K. Komekov.
The environmental matters of construction open cast mine.

└. Jumakuliyev.
Energy diplomacy of Turkmenistan: effcvient instrument of establishing international cooperation.

R. Akmammedov.
Isolation and study of stem cells human bone marrow.

╬. Hudayberdiyev.
Care about future of Aral Sea — the problem of today.

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