Science and Technology of Youth, #2, 2022

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M. Jumayeva, L. Maksimova.
The Notion «Semantic field» in the book «Neutral Turkmenistan» by our Esteemed Arkadaga

F. Matkurbanov.
Struggle of Tagan Gazan oglu Ulugberdi for people and Motherland

O. Ugurlyeva.
Turkmen-Georgian relations in the middle ages

L. Omirova.
Magtymguly’s role in creating a healthy spiritual stability

A. Chariyeva.
Similarities and differences between the sonnets of G. Ezizov and W. Shakespeare

A. Geldimyradova.
Some particularities of the verbs of future tense in Turkmen and French languages

O. Halliyeva.
The role of the horse racing in the Fine arts

M. Gochgeldiyeva.
From the history of creating the art center

M. Amanmyradov.
Issues of improving the speech culture of a lawyer in modern conditions

A. Yazgeldiýeva, G. Amanmyradova.
The influence of philosophy on the development of humanitarian qualities

A. Yegenyazova.
Maintenance of the legal protection of the state ownership

G. Hommadova.
The role of international intellectual property law sources in national law

R. Ishangulyyev, M. Jumayev.
Turkmen consumers’ demand for imported foodstuffs

Z. Charyewa, D. Kulyyew.
The use of complex number theory in planimetry

M. Allyyev.
Methods for solving problem equations in physics

M. Annageldiyev, P. Atayev.
Stoichiometry of the bismuth tellurium’s crystalline structure

B. Bayrammyradov, H. Pirmuhammedov.
National experience related to innovative development of small and medium entrepreneurship

O. Myradova.
Importance of innovations in increasing the export potential of Turkmenistan

G. Gayipov.
Possibility of using high-speed trains in the conditions of Turkmenistan

E. Atayev, B. Orazmuhammedova.
Specialty of hydrogen production in the local circumstances in Turkmenistan with usage of solar energy

G. Ballyev.
Ways to increase the quality of asphalt concrete products

A. Yazjumayeva, P. Hojagulyyev.
Digital project of developing passenger transportation in a Smart city

A. Jumayev, B. Taganov.
Improvement of power supply systems for remote settlements

A. Yazyyev, M. Niyazberdyyeva, Ch. Hojamuhammedova.
Local raw materials used to make baking soda and ammonium sulfate

A. Altyiev.
Comparison of the composition of the Karakum’s sand sediments with the use of organic solvents

Sh. Shakhiev, G. Allamuradov, J. Khodzhamberdieva.
The value of pumpkin in human nutrition

G. Orazov.
Features of postoperative respiratory treatment of subdural hematomas of the brain

Yu. Gylyjov.
Hardware and laboratory features of non-rheumatic carditis of children

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