Miras, #1, 2021

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Magazine «Miras», #1, 2021 (.pdf)


New Year address of the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to the Turkmen nation

To mothers, women and girls of Independent Neutral Turkmenistan

To people of Independent Neutral Turkmenistan

Džulio Bendezu-Sarmiento (France)
Horse domestication history in Turkmenistan and other regions of Asia (End of III — beginning of II BC)

H. Durdiyev (Turkmenistan)
From the history of Turkmen language studying

O. Ekayev (Turkmenistan)
Novruz — holiday of nature, friendship and brotherhood

Y. Orazgylyjev (Turkmenistan)
The Great Silk road: history and present time

O. Gochova (Turkmenistan)
Scientific views of Abu Ali ibn Sina about language

A. Petrosyan (Armenia)
No frontiers for poetry

Review of the events of public, scientific and cultural life of Independent permanently Neutral Turkmenistan (January-March)

The contents of the popular scientific «Miras» journal for the year 2020

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