Problems of Desert Development 3/2007

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Neronov V.M., Khlyap L.A., Varshavsky A.A. Spacial changes of rodents population diversity of deserts of Turan

Babaev A.G., Chichagov V.P. Desertification as a negative factor in the sustainable development society

Babaev A.M. Cartography provision of nature protection projects in Turkmenistan

Nurberdiev M., Bekieva G. Agrometeorological risks in agriculture

Mansimov M.R., Suleimanov B.A. An assessment of water resources of Kura river

Starodubtsev V.M., Bogdanets V.A. On the formation of soil cover on the dried bottom of the Aral Sea

Novruzova B.K. Watering by means of flood – as a factor of anthropogenic effect on soil microflora

Esenov P., Orlovsky N.S., Durikov M., Zverev N.E. Growing of halophytes on salty lands of Turkmenistan

Nazarmamedov O. The role of higher water plants in waters drainage purification

Ataev Ch.A. New discoveries of vertebrates of the Southern Turkmenistan


Kurbanov J. Artichoke thorny in the conditions of Ashkhabad

Zhooshov P.M. Watering technique at sprinkler irrigation

Ataev Ch.A. On rare reproductive behavior of some land vertebrates species of Turkmenistan

Shammakov S., Ataev K., Belov A. On the number of some snakes species in Central Kopetdag


Veisov S.K., Khamraev G.O., Annaeva G.N. Sand stabilization measures in the period of conduction of planning works in the desert


Khlyap L.A., O.R.Kurbanov, O.Kh.Ashirova, A.S.Ibragimov "Short history of the study of nature monuments of Turkmenistan". –Ashkhabad: Ylym, 2007, -76 p


Amanova M.B., Rustamov E.A. Lecturing in academician A.K.Rustamov’s memory

Ivakhov B.M. A workshop on the introduction of the classification system of the Earth’s land cover

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