Problems of Desert Development 2/2007

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Chichagov V.P. Desertification of arid plains under the influence of road network

Kulov K.M., Zhooshov P.M. Processes of desertification in Kyrgyzstan

Veisov S.K., Akiyanova F.Zh., Khamraev G.O., Samarkhanov K.B. Morphological relief types of sandy massifs of Mangystau peninsula

Nurberdiev N.G., Bekieva G., Mamedov B.K., Nurberdiev M. Dry winds on plain Turkmenistan

Babaeva T.A. On the use of cosmic information in agriculture

Khojamuratova R.T., Chembarisov E.I., Reimov A.R. Collector-drainage waters of Karakalpakstan

Starodubsev V.M., Truskavetsky S.R. Soils degradation in the rivers deltas

Bairamov D. Characteristics of a greenhouse for two-components ecological system

Rustamov I.G., Imamkuliev B.R., Kepbanov P.A. On the state of populations of wild kinsmen of fruit species of the south-western Kopetdag.

Meredow K., Kaldybaev A., Amanow A., Arazov J. On the natural fodder base of hoofed animals of Kaplankyr State reserve

Ovezova G. On reservats of insects - pests of grain and grain products in Turkmenistan.

Begov P. Characteristics of dominant species of beetles-phytophags of Repetek State biosphere reserve

Darymov V.Ya., Babaev A.M., Nepesov M.A., Mamieva I.J., Medwedeva N.N. The experience of cartography of landscapes of Central Karakums.


Soyunova O.A. Statistics of the environment.

Kurbanov J., Menliev Sh. Ungernia victoris - a relict flora plant of Turkmenistan.

Ataev Ch.A. Winter activity and reproduction of Bufo danatensis in Turkmenistan.

Shammakov S., Saparmuradov J., Belov A. New data on numbers of Vipera lebetina in Turkmenistan.

Kokanova E.O. Ecology of Calliptamus barbarus cephalotes in foot-hills of Central Kopetdag.

Popov K.P. Peculiarities of apsheron pistacia.


Guichgel’dyev O.T., Rustamov E.A. The meeting on hunting problems in Turkmenistan.

Ataev Kh. International training courses on the scientific and technological deserts control.


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