Problems of Desert Development, ╣3-4/2020

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Veysov S.K.
Design and construction of engineering facilities in the Karakum desert on a landscape basis.

Mavlonov A.M., Nematov A.N., Sharafutdinova R.I., Kalandarova D.D.
Geographical features of the organization of population localities in desert areas (on the example of the Bukhara region of the republic of Uzbekistan).

Grafova V.A., Karaev K.K., Muradova A.D., Rozyeva G.K.
Stereotypes of eating behavior in medical students in a hot climate.

Evzhanov H., Begmyradova O.A.
Obtaining magnesia water treatment products from dolomite rocks.

Annaniazov K. ╬., Japbarova A. ╬.
Remote assessment of the state of pasture vegetation.

Atakhanov G.O., Kurbanmamedova G.M.
Walnut crops cultivation in the Central Karakum.

└taev E. └.
Ecological series of phytocenoses of the east coast of the Caspian Sea.

Karryev B.S., Esenov E.M.
Some biological and climatic harbingers of earthquakes.

Bushmakin A.G.
Petrography, mineralogy and chemical content of koneurgench meteorite.

Abdrahmanov Sh.
Upper Jurassic carbonate deposits on the Koytendag and Karakum.

Pirniyazov B.K.
Features of the geological structure of the Tadgibay gas feld in Karakum.


Babaev A.G.
Predictions of global climate change.

Dukhovny V.A.
Influence of climate change on state of water resources of the arid zone.

Durdiev B.
The use of fresh water lenses of the South-West coast of the Caspian Sea.

Penjiyev A.M.
Geoinformation systems in the development of renewable energy in Turkmenistan.

Nurgeldiyev Ya.
Land development in medieval Turkmenistan.

Agayeva L.A., Bayramova I.A.
Engineering-geological and seismic conditions of the building platform of the bridge in the Karabogazgol.

Akmuradov A.A.
Some medicinal plants Koytendag.


Amanov M., Deryaev A., Mamedov B.
The need of implementation of the directional drilling of oil and gas wells in Turkmenistan.

Geldimuradov A.G.
Creation of underground gas storages in Turkmenistan.

Berdyev D., Orazov H., Kadyrova G.
Biotechnology of greenhouse waste processing.


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