Problems of Desert Development, #3-4, 2017

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Shardakova L.Yu., Kovalevskaya Yu.I., VereshaginA N.G., Orlovski L.G. Dry atmospheric deposition as an indicator of the intensity of Aeolian erosion

Kholmatjanov B.M. Duration of Middle Asia synoptic processes in

Ishangulyev J., Saryeva, Ilamanov Y.A., Nurberdiev N.G. Perennial changes of the air temperature in the Central Kopetdag

Bairamova I.A. The hydro-geologicalaspects of development of drinking water supply in Turkmenistan

Saryveva T.K. Regional protection assessment of breeds of a zone of aeration and Underground waters from pollution

Grafova V.A., Baltayev M. The adaptation of infant body to educational load in the hot climate conditions

Karaev K. K., Kushukova Sh.Sh. Features schoolgirls puberty in hot climate conditions

Bushmakin A. G. Ore potential of Western Turkmenistan

Atayev E.A. Bioecology of shortgrass ephemeral and ephemerous vegetation in nature and in culture

Kurbanmamedowa G.M., Akmuradow A.A. The analysis of endemics flora of Turkmenistan


Babayev A.G. Landscape diversity of Turkmenistan

Ataev H. Protection of railways from moving sands

Nepesov M., Esenov P.Climate change and water resources management issues in Akhal velayat of Turkmenistan

Evzhanov Kh., Hojamuhammedova ch. Purification of waters from ions of manganese and iron

Novruzova B.K., Yakubova A. Phytotoxic characteristic features soil micromycets

Shammakov S. Eryx miliaris and Psammophis lineolatum in Turkmenistan


Duhovnyi B.A., Stulina G.B. Global climate change and water resources basin of Aral Sea


Babayev A.G. To the method of defiition of desertifiation process

Bayramov D., Orasov Sh., Avlikuliyeva N., Muhammetberdiyew A.M. Method of low water consumption

Penjiyev A.M. Experience of cultivation johoba of Turkmenistan

Dolgova E. Half a century at desert science service

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