Problems of Desert Development, #3-4, 2016

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Babayev A.G. Prospects for environmentally oriented development of deserts of Turkmenistan

Cherednichenko V.P., Redzhepov S.L. Particle level sand composition of Zaunguz Karakum desert

Nazarov I.K., Halimova G.S. Landscape-hydrological features of mountain ridge Kuljuktau in Kyzylkum desert

Mamedov B.K. Creation of «Green umbrella» on the base of utilization local surface runoff

Mamedov E.Yu. Combat with water-induced soil erosion in the Central Kopetdag

Grafova V. A., Karayev K., Esenova M. Nutrition of women in fertile age in the hot climate condition

Yollybayev A. Flora of Sundukli desert and adjacent territories

Pavlenko A.V. Floral composition and plant life forms around the lake «Altyn Asyr»

Penchukovskaya T. I. Using a rodent for recycling materials


Hudayyarov M., Magtymov B. A. Geological features Murgap and Tejep landscape district

Mamiyev I.D. Atmospheric precipitation as the source of subsoil water in Karakum desert

Yazkuliyev A., Ostapenko A.Y., Mamedova N.A. Protective and adaptive reaction of cells of Gossypium l. cotton-plant on sharp fuctuations of environments temperature

Babayeva R. H. Introduction of kelreyterii paniculata in the Botanical garden

Abdylova S.M. About the wilt of plants of the west Kopetdag

Rejepov D.Ch. On the mass death of some species of rodents in Karabil

Shammakov S. Reptiles of Turkmen lake zone and its drainage water collectors

Gabrilyans G.E. «Precious» Karakul of Karakum desert


Esenov P. Ecologic-reclamation condition of the irrigated areas of Turkmenistan

Alibekov L.A., Babayev A.G. Desertifcation in the condition of global climate warming of the Aral sea basin

Sagayev A.A., Sultanova G.S., Tanirbergenova G. Water quality in the shallow water areas of Syrdaria river


Gurbanyazov M.A., Akmamedov A.M. Technology of biogas in the desert conditions

Penjiyev A.M. Experience of cultivation of the melon tree in conditions of Turkmenistan

Agaeva S.S., Nazarova R.S., Kuraeva E.D. Protection herbarium against damage by insects

Vekilova Ya.R. Autumn cuttings — a promising way reproduction of trees and shrubs


Charyev M. Meeting of the interstate commission īn sustainable development IFAS

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