Problems of Desert Development, #3-4, 2015

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Arnageldyyev A. Formation and development of ridge relief of sand deserts

Mamedov B.K., Orlovsky L.G., Bekieva G.S. Analysis of situation with drought in Turkmenistan

Shermatov ., Paluanov D.., Yakubova Kh.. The runoff dynamic model of the Amudarya river

Bairamova I.A. Features of ground water classifcation in Turkmenistan

Manayenkov A.S. Forest species of drylands

Atdaev S., Akmamedov B. Salt structure and soil level of biological protective belt

Mamedov E. Yu., Durikov M.H. Evaluation and monitoring of pasture degradation processes in Central Karakum

Akmuradov A. Morphological and anatomical features of some roots of Badhyz ephemeroids

Rahmanova O.Ya. Poleofora of Turkmenistan in the jurassic era

Shapovalov T.V. Features of carrying out deratizations of works in the zone of turkmen lake «Altyn asyr»

Penchukovskaya T. I. Parental behavior of rodents in a biodamaging situation

Atadjanov Y.. New information about the falcons of the north Turkmenistan


Ataeva G.Ch. Means of formation chemical composition and mineralization of North Garabil rise the ground water

Menliyew Sh. New location of zizyphus jujuba mill. On Kugitangtau mountain ridge

Butnik A.A., Duschanova G.M. Ontogenez grassy annual from the species Climacoptera Botsch

Ibragimov A.S. Influence of ertilizer on lucerne root system of in sands

Shammakov S., Bagshyeva M. Reptiles of «Bereketli Garagum» state natural reserve

Gabrilyans G.E. Karakum desert — the Motherland of karakul breed sheep


Babaev A.G., Charyew A.Ch. Experience in the development of agricultural oasis sands

Novruzhanov . Technology desalinating kollektor-drainage waters for the drinking purposes

Danatarov A., Ashirov S., Muhammetmyradov K., Hudayberdiyev R., Shammedov M. New structurally-technological decisions for defence of soils in the conditions of the desert


Amannyyazov Gurban Nepesovich (1932 — 2015)

Hudayyarov Meret (1942 — 2015)

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