Problems of Desert Development, ╣1-2/2022

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Durikov M.H., Nepesov M.D.
Combating land degradation in Turkmenistan

Ovezberdyyeva A.
Integrating agriculture and water management issues into the climate change adaptation plans

Evzhanov H., Garryyeva A., Begmyradova O.
The state and prospects of comolex use of undergraund mineralized water

Geldiyev H., Nepesov R.
Zerowaste technology for the treatment of contaminated strata water

Pendjiyev└. ╠., Nazarov S.G.
Wind load on solar power plant in Karakum

Muradov Ch.M., Petrova N.V., Golinskiy G.L., Rahimov A.R., Bezmenova L.V., Kartseva L.A., Esenov E.M.
Detailed seismic zoning of the territories of Balkan velayat of Turkmenistan

Saryev K., Orazberdieva M., Matyakubov A.
Features of growing Chlorella vulgaris strain ifr№ C—111 in Turkmenistan

Kurbanmamedova G.M., Atakhanov G.╬., Yusupov G.Yu.
The wild fruit plants of the South-Western Kopetdag

Akmuradov A.A., Gadamov D.G., Berdiyev B.R.
Medicinal raw materials of some wormwood of the Central Kopetdag

Hydyrov P.R.
Oribatid mites of the Koytendag mountain

Nurgeldiyev Ya.
Service conditions of hydraulic engineering constructions in medieval Turkmenistan


Rejepov S.A.
Water-physical and chemical properties of the sands along the Turkmenderya river

Bushmakin A.G.
Metallogenic potential of thermal waters of Cheleken

Agaeva L.A., Bayramova I.A.
Regional changes of territory Dashoguz region in connection with technogenesis

Durdiyev B., Arzyamova O., Kerimova A.
Phytomeliorative crop rotations on the salinity soils.

Agaeva S.S.
New sites of some kinds in flora of Turkmenistan

Lollekova M.O.
Current state and prospects of studying mulberry insects and their entomophages in Turkmenistan

Haydarov K.M.
Use of systemic insecticides in arid conditions

Mirzoyants S.N.
Trophic communications of cystogenous nematoda Ephippiodera turcomanica


Orazgulyev D.G.
Corrosion of underground steel pipelines in the conditions of the arid zone


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