Problems of Desert Development, 1-2/2020

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Babaev A.G. Assessment of the implementation of the UN convention combat desertification.

Ishankuliev J., Sariyeva G.H., Azimov K.P., Ilamanov Y.A. Changes in airover temperature and precipitation in the Kopetdag mountains and the Karakum Desert.

Begmatov I.A., Durdyev O.Ya. Use of collector-drainage water in irrigated agriculture.

Evzhanov H. Ecological and economic value of the complex use of highly mineralized underground waters.

Ataeva G.Ch. The influence of the Karakum River (I-ternof) on the aeration zone.

Grafova V.A., Karayev K.. The prevalence of metabolic syndrome of medical students in the hot climate.

Atayev E.A., Bazarova G.R., Bashimova M.A., Kuroshina E.A. Bioecological characteristics of the pistachio in nature and culture.

Kurbanmamedova G., Tagyev Ch., Atakhanov G. Current state of rowan in the Central and South-West Kopetdag.

Pavlenko A.V. Rare and new species of flora of Turkmenistan.

Mirzoyants S.N. Virus carrier species nematodes are parasires of grapes in Turkmenistan.

Ovezmukhammedov A. Single cell animals living in the territory of Syunt-Khasardag State Nature Reserve.


Abdurashidov Z.A. Geography and Sustainability.

Atdaev S. Modified method of irrigation coefficient.

Berdimuradova .. Processing of results of experimental researches of laws of the filtration of gases.

Atamyradov N. Microclimate conditions foothill areas in the afforested area of the Central Kopetdag.

Kurbanov J., Vlasenko G.P. New information about the Rezedovy Family in the flora of Turkmenistan.

Akmuradov A. Pteridoflora of the Kopetdag State Nature Reserve.

Camahina G.L. From the history of the name of plants of Turkmenistan.


Babaev A.G., Alibekov L.A. Desertification in the Aral Sea basin on the background of global warming.

Muradov Ch.O. Information support of sustainable development of the countries of the Aral Sea basin.


Orazgulyev D.G., Luryeva I.I. Emergency situations when gas pipelines are operating in desert conditions.

Orazov H., Berdiyev D., Kadyrova G. Appropriateness and prospects of cultivation of oyster mushrooms in Turkmenistan.

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