Problems of Desert Development, #1-2, 2017

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Babaev A.G. Journal "problems of desert development " 50 years on service of science about deserts

Yanchuk S. L. Features of the polarized development in deserted territories

Medeu A.P. Contribution of Kazakhstan geographers in solving problems of Sustainable Development in Central Asia

Permitina V.N. Principles of biological rehabilitation of disturbed lands on Caspian sea region

Kulmatov R.A., Rasulov └.┬., Nigmatov A.N. The problems of sustainable use and management of irrigated lands of the Bukhara region, Uzbekistan

Mommadov A. B. Assessment of the regional engineering and geological features of Murgab oasis

Bushmakin A.G. Perspectives of mineral-raw resources of Western Turkmenistan

Atayev E.A. Phytocenoses of seedbed-takyr complex in Central Karakums

└kmyradov └.└., Kurbanov D.K., Rahmanov ╬.H. Disappearing and rare medicinal plants of the Central Kopetdag

Shammakov S., Geokbatyrova O., Bagshyeva M. Reptiles of Murgap river valley and at adjoining territories

Mirakamalov M.T. Geographical names of Deserted zone of Uzbekistan

Novikova A.F., Konyushkova M.V., Gepin Lo. Appropriateness of change of the meliorative condition of soils at the irrigation

Atdaev S., Akmamedov B. About water quality of the main collector of Turkmen lake «Altyn asyr»

Nurgeldyyev N., Orazdurdyev D. Natural preconditions for increasing drinking water stock in Turkmenistan

Hodjaberdiyev N. B. The deposit of underground fresh waters in Northern Turkmenistan

Vlasenko G.P., Byashimova M.A. Fine cynara

Shakirova F.M. Possibilities breeding of growing paddle fish in Turkmenistan


Rafikov V.A. Process of south Aral desertification

Duhowny W.A. The role of water in functioning of ecological system of arid territories of the Central Asia

Babaev A.G., Durikov M.H. The ways of increasing productivity of desert pasture lands in the Aral sea basin


Ovezmuhammedov A., Kakabayeva D. From people is and enemies parasitology history of Turkmenistan

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