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Research institute of the grain cultures.

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745205, 1/2 O. Jumayew str., Akhal wel, Ak bugday distr., village Annau.
Telephone/fax. 8-00-137-36-4-76; 8-00-137-36-3-95

The Institute open by decision of the President Turkmenistan from 04.07.2003 for 6304, in composition of the assotiations «Turkmengallaonumleri».

The Main trends of the studies: selecthion, seeds plant, improvement to technologies plants resource.

    The Whole work concentrated in division:
  1. Cereal cultures,
  2. Stern and bob grain cultures,
  3. Seeds plant.

Four welayats enter In composition of the institute Scientifically-production experimental Centre (Dashoguz, Lebap, Mars, Balkan), which hold at primary seeds plant grain cultures.

The Institute created the new sort of the soft wheat «Bitarap», «Lebap-1», «Turkmenbashi», durum «Turkmenbashi—1», sorghum «Turkmenistan-8», corns «Annau-62» which introduction in Turkmenistan.

At present, the State testing pass the new sort created in institute: soft wheat «Miras», «Annau», durum «Ak bash», «Karakylchyk», triticum «Ruhnama», rank «Hasylly», chickpea «Akhal», sorghum "Turkmenistan-10"andcorn"Paytagt".

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