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Centre of Technologies of Academy of sciences of Turkmenistan

Address: 744032, Ashgabat c., Bekreve living complex, 2211 (Bekreve) street, 180.

Tel.: (+99312) 39-84-44,

Fax: (+99312) 39-84-88.

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Centre of Technologies is composed of following laboratories and departments:

- Central laboratory;

- Laboratory of medicine production technologies;

- Laboratory of the environmental protection technologies;

- Nanotechnology laboratory;

- Laboratory of GIS technologies;

- Laboratory of synthesis of new materials technologies;

- Laboratory of biotechnologies;

- Laboratory of information and communication technologies;

- Laboratory of energy production and energy saving technologies;

- Laboratory of food processing technologies;

- Financial and economic department;

- Human Resources;

- Department of introducing of technology into production;

- Department of design, assemby and maintenance of experimental equipment;

- Maintenance department;

- Patent information and special department;

- Department of International relations;

- Office of postgraduate studies;

- e-Library;

- Typography.

The Central laboratory functions as the unit that is able for conducting profound research and solutions of complex theoretical problems of production required by diverse organizations and enterprises of the country. The state-of-art equipment of the laboratory enables to conduct nano, bio, physical, chemical and microscopic research.

The Nanotechnology laboratory focuses on synthesis of nanoparticles and nano-layers, synthesis of new materials with different properties, research and development of new photovoltaic materials.

The laboratory of the biotechnologies studies scientific researches such as reproducing of some medicinal plants by biotechnological method, studies of their pests and fungous diseases, development of biological methods against them, as well as carried out physiological and immunological studies of extracts and pomace these medicinal plants in laboratory and domestic animals in order to study methods of preparation of these herbal remedies.

The laboratory of Information and communication technologies focuses on integration of networks, modelling and analysis of mathematical models, theoretical foundation of information and information technologies, gathering information, storing information, searching, querying and processing, altering and securing data.

The Material synthesis technologies laboratory uses advanced scientific and innovative methods to identify physical and chemical properties of various natural resources of Turkmenistan, synthesis of competitive products and develop manufacturing technologies of those products and using them in areas such as construction, manufacturing, textile and material usable for daily life and products for agricultural industry.

The Environmental technologies laboratory researches the new technological methods that will clean and extract harmful materials from land, water and air and conduct a research of natural and quaternary period effects on ecology.

The laboratory of medicine production technologies with using innovation technologies, carrying out scientific research in the sphere of getting different medical products, with collecting bioactive material from local substance, medical plants and minerals.

The laboratory of food processing technologies deals with the study of quality of food, energy value of food, technologies of food reservation, technologies of food processing, ecological safety and quality of local food.

The Geographical Information Systems Laboratory conducting theoretical and practical research on the development and implementation of various techniques for creating thematic digital maps using GIS related technology for the national economic areas.

The laboratory of energy production and energy saving technologies focuses on generating energy from different energy resources, creating new technology of usage and consumption of energy, solving problems related to effectively consuming energy, research and development of alternative sources of energy and their implementation.

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