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Beki Seytakov str.1, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. 744000
phone 351835; Fax: 35 18 35

The structure of institute “Turkmensuvylymtaslama”:

The institute “Turkmensuvylymtaslama” consists of the following main structural subdivisions: departments, the groups of chief project engineers, sectors, labs, bureau, surveying parties which are under the institute and have no its own settlement account.

The main areas of research activity:

1. Organization, realization and using the production and science development projects on the main areas of activity of water economy of Turkmenistan:

  • hydraulics of irrigation canals and other water installations;
  • reclamation of the irrigation lands, ecology of land—improvement measures;
  • improvement of irrigation practices and watering technology in agriculture, developing of water-saving techniques;
  • practical measures for providing the population with high-quality drinking water;

2. Study and distribution of world science and production achievements in water economy, development and distribution of recommendations, guidelines, training aids for its rapid implementation in water economy of Turkmenistan.

3. Organization and operating observations of the saline level of subsoil waters on the irrigative lands and joined territories, data information, data processing and analysis of these observations.

4. Research of the technical condition of irrigation and collector-drainage nets to study their influence on the condition of irrigational lands, development of recommendations for its reconstruction and purification from silting.

5. Calculation of volumes of water for agricultural irrigation

6. Definition of a degree of salinization of the lands on basis of salinity surveys of soils and reconnoitering investigations.

7. To work on recommendations in accordance with improving melioration condition of irrigated lands, including defining their spaces according to different essential melioration measures (capital planning, operating, capital flushing, repair and rectification of Collector Drainage Net CDN)

8. To research aqueous-saline process in main areas of irrigated lands and efficiency of melioration and agro technical measures in relation to preserving and improving their melioration condition.

9.Compiling computer programs, and conducting data of melioration cadastre of irrigated lands.

10. Formation of public opinion about rational use and protection of water resources.

11. To produce and incorporate with high-performed techniques and air-lift for defining the quality of water for drinking water and industrial needs.

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