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Oguz Han Engineering and Technology University of Turkmenistan

The principle objective of the Oguz Han Engineering and Technology University of Turkmenistan is to modernize the innovation system of our country, provide it with highly skilled experts, but most importantly, consolidate the educational, scientific, manufacturing, innovation and business sectors in a single center.

This University offers specialties and majors essential for elevating the national economy, education, science and production capacity up to the highest world standards and the following faculties have been created.

The faculty of chemistry and nanotechnology.

The classes starts with the study of sciences on materials and technologies proceeding later to in-depth study of semi-conductors, metals, ceramics, soft and other substances.

Major focus is made on technologies used in nano-chemistry, electronics, energy conversion and biomedicine.

Faculty of biotechnology and ecology.

The students of the faculty would study such fundamental subjects as molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, biophysics, bioengineering, physical chemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry. Later the program will seek to tackle current problems in novel scientific disciplines particularly genomics, applied immunology, pharmaceutical science, cell and tissue multiplication, DNA recombination.

Faculty of Computer Sciences and Information Technologies

This faculty aims to build a unified system of information, communication, and computer technologies. The faculty mainly focuses on designing and developing new computers and computing technologies that are beneficial for society.

Faculty of Automatics and Electronics educates and trains creative engineers, robot technicians, and qualified specialists in electronics and automation. They learn the basics of physics, mechanics, quantum mechanics, electronics, and mechatronics and study modern electronics and robotics.

Faculty of Innovative Economics trains competitive researchers, technical experts, business people, economists, managers and marketing consultants working at economic and innovative sectors.

Special academic and research facilities has been established at the university to carry out high profile research projects.

Institute of General and Applied Biology

Institute of General and Applied Biology under the Oguz Han Engineering and Technology University of Turkmenistan of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan was established pursuant to the Decree 1088 dated January 29, 2019 of our Esteemed President. It operates as a specialized scientific organization for developing biological disciplines and in-depth study of fauna and flora.

Main functions of the Institute:

— in-depth study, analysis, organization and systematization of the country’s flora, fauna and microorganisms; development of their genetic bank as per opportunities;

— studying biochemical, physical and chemical composition, structure, nutritional and pharmaceutical characteristics of substances and biomaterials derived from local plants, animals and microorganisms;

— identification of biologically active agents as per findings of these researches, development of producing these substances, identifying application fields and setting up production;

— on the basis of biotechnology, designing, development and production of novel biological substances used in medicine, agriculture and food industry and ecology;

— development of hybrids, new types and varieties of the agricultural products, conduct of selective breeding of cattle on the basis of molecular and genetical methods; carrying out biomedical experiments;

— development of biological disciplines such as cellular and molecular biology, genetics, bioengineering and bioinformatics;

— conducting scientific researches for the production of pharmaceuticals as well as curative and other additives, fragrances and cosmetics;

— production of trial quantities of pharmaceuticals, fragrances and cosmetics, curative products, food and other additives, and their sales in accordance with the procedure.

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