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Turkmenistan, Ashgabat city 2028 street (58)

Telephone: 35-19-53;

The ministry of Health Care and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan.

The Ministry of Educational of Turkmenistan

The Turkmen Medical University was founded in 1931.


There are 41 departments, science research centre, computer centre, sports club.

  • The department of studing of World Experience of Health Care;
  • The department of Medical Parasitology and Genetics;
  • The department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology;
  • The department of X-ray diagnostic therapy and Oncology;
  • The department of Medical Chemistry;
  • The department of Normal Anatomy Topographic Anatomy and Operative Surgery;
  • The department of Forensic Medicine and Laws;
  • The department of Common Surgery with course of anestethology and reanimatology;
  • The department of Propaedeftics inner diseases;
  • The department of Propaedeutics innner diseases;
  • The department of Nerve diseases and neuro-surgery;
  • The department of faculty therapy with course of therapeutic physical training;
  • The department of faculty surgery with course of urology;
  • The department of hospital surgery;
  • The department of Traumatology, orthopedy and court-martial surgery;
  • The department of eye diseases;
  • The department of hospital therapy with course of clinical pharmacology and endocrinology;
  • The department of family medicine;
  • The department of ear, throat and nose diseases;
  • The department of tuberculosis;
  • The department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology after diplom training;
  • The department of pathological anatomy;
  • The department of faculty pediatrics;
  • The department of propaudeutics of children diseases;
  • The department of psychiatry and narcology;
  • The department of children’s infectious;
  • The department of hospital pediatrics;
  • The department of histology, embriology and cytology;
  • The department of organization managing economics of Health Care;
  • The department of children’s surgery;
  • The department of skin and venereal diseases;
  • The department of medicine ecology and hygiene;
  • The department of virousology and microbiology;
  • The department of infectious diseases and epidemiology;
  • The department of orthopedic and surgical stomatology;
  • The department of therapeutical stomatology;
  • The department of pharmacy;
  • The department of languages;
  • The department of military training.

The training is carried out in 5 faculties: Medical, Pediatrics, Stomatology, Pharmaceutical, Medico-prophylactic.

At the Medical faculty is prepared for family doctors, surgeons, therapeutists, cardiologists, obstetrician gynaecologists, oncologists, ophtalmologists, dermo-venerealogists, endicrinologists and other spealists.

At the Pediatric faculty is prepared for pediatrics.

At the Stomatology faculty is prepared for stomatology therapeutists, stomatology orthopedists, stomatology surgeons.

At the Pharmaceutical faculty is prepared for provisor pharmaceutists-technologists, pharmaceutist-annalytics.

At the Medico-prophylactic faculty is prepared for sanitary inspectors, epidemilogists, hygienists, dietologists.

The training of scientific-pedagogical stuff hold through Research studentship and Doctor’s degree. Professional training of specialists are study in the clinical ordinaturey on the base of department.

The scientific research of department:

  • The improvement prophylactics-diagnostic and treatment of infectional and uninfectional, parasitar diseases;
  • Medical and bilogical aspects of spread gynaecological and children’s diseases;
  • The base functional structure of prevent adaption and compensation reactions of healthy and sick peoples in the condition of arid zone;
  • Elaboration and instel medicinal production from vegetation raw materils of Turkmenistan

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