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The Institute of History and Archaeology of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan is founded


The President of Turkmenistan signed the Resolution, according to which the Institute of History and the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of the Academy of Sciences are merged together.

Draft programmes of profile development are reviewed at the session of the Government


President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held regular video conference session with number of the members of the Cabinet of Ministers where the subjects of state economic and social policy under formation of market relations have been discussed, developments of programmes of profile development have been reviewed and important decisions on structural changes of the ministries and departments has been made.

Key Works of 2018 Conducted by Scientists of Institute of Chemistry Reflected in Specialized Compendium


Over eighty inventions and rationalization proposals were included in the compendium of research published by the Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan as the year review.

Financing of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan to be chnaged


For improvement of the role of the Academy of Science in the economy of Turkmenistan, provision of competiveness of scientific achievements, development of activity of scientific and research organizations....

«Problems of Desert Development» Features Scientific Articles on Nature Management


«Problems of Desert Development», an international scientific and practical journal, published by the National Institute of Deserts, Flora and Fauna of the State Committee of Turkmenistan for Environmental Protection and Land Resources, focuses on scientific research results and development of desert lands in Turkmenistan and beyond.

Four developments of the Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan are patented


Scientists of the Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Gas of the State Concern Turkmengaz had successful tests of reagent designated for borehole formation treatment at gas condensate deposit Gurrukbil.

Representatives of Turkmen business continue the tradition of patronage in archaeology


Development of science, which is aimed at the provision of strategic national interests, improvement of life quality of the population and social and economic progress of the country, is among the priorities of the state policy of Turkmenistan targeted to the transit to innovative way of the country’s development.

Topical issues of the State life are discussed at video conference working session


President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held regular video conference working session with the participation of some Deputy Chairmen of the Cabinet of Ministers, heads of some ministries and departments.

Ecosystem of manmade island in Turkmenbashy Bay develops stably


As is known, the soil extracted during the construction of International Seaport was used to make artificial island in the bay next to Turkmenbashy.

Fruma Arest: the Researcher who discovered oil and gas reserves in Turkmenistan


26 November is the 105th birthday of Fruma Abramovna Arest, the famous geophysicist and specialist in the sphere of gravimetric cartography and one of the founders of Turkmen geological survey.

Miras magazine introduces articles on historical and cultural heritage


First issue of quarterly scientific and popular magazine of National Institute of Manuscripts of the Academy of Sciences opens the series of publication on historical and cultural heritage of our people.

The President of Turkmenistan: We are expecting new discoveries from our young generation


President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov congratulated the winners of the Best Youth Works contest timed to the Day of Science.

The President of Turkmenistan: The Forum on the Day of Science is to give impulse to international cooperation in cultural sphere


President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addressed the greetings to the participants of international scientific conference timed to the Day of Science.

Winners of the competition of oil and gas subjects publications


The results of the creative contest «Science — the engine of progress» for the best popular science article on oil and gas issues.

New season of archaeological excavations and restoration works is open


Specialists of National Historical and Cultural Monuments Protection, Study and Restoration Department of the Ministry of Culture and the Academy of Science commenced new season of archaeological excavations, studies and restorations of historical and cultural monuments of the country.

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