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International scientific conference has started


International scientific conference entitled “Experience of Turkmenistan in study and museum preservation of archeological findings” started its work in Ashgabat. It was organized by the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan.

Institute of International Affairs hosts conference on scientific and cultural heritage of Turkmen people


A scientific conference dedicated to popularization among youth and scientific research of the cultural heritage of the Turkmen people was held at the Institute of International Relations (IIR) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan.

Botanic unique object of Koitendag nature


Mountain ridge of Koitendag, forming the south-west variation of the Pamir-Altai rock formation, stretches in the south- east of Turkmenistan.

Ashgabat hosts international conference dedicated to Nowruz


An international conference called “Nowruz — Holiday of Peace and Humanism” was held at the Ruhiyet (Spirituality) Palace in Ashgabat.

New modern school for rural children


The solemn ceremony of opening of a new school designed for 240 children took place at the Shapak Gengeshlik in Bayramali Etrap.

Forum of young scientists


Forum of young scientists was held at the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan.

High-altitude mountain ash


During seasonal scientific and practical expeditions on the territory of Kopetdag State Reserve, it was investigated the condition of population of the rare plant of the Turkmen flora — Sorbus persica...

Development of historical science is an important factor for progress of state and society


These days reception of application for admission to the institutions of postgraduate study and doctoral candidacy are being completed at the higher educational institution, academies and sectoral institutions throughout the country.

Glory of Kunya Urgench outlasts centuries


The International Scientific Conference on «The Turkmen State of Kunya Urgench and Central Asia in the First Half of XIII Century» started its work at Andalib State Musical and Drama Theater in Dashoguz.

Towards new heights of historical science


The International Scientific Conference on «The Turkmen State of Kunya Urgench and Central Asia in the First Half of XIII Century» has started its work in Dashoguz today.

Alternative energy in focus of scientists


The International Conference on the Use of Alternative Energy Sources in Turkmenistan was conducted in Ashgabat on the initiative and under the patronage of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

President of Turkmenistan welcomes participants of international scientific forum in Ashgabat


President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addressed the welcoming statement to participants of the international scientific conference on the Use of Alternative Energy Sources in Turkmenistan.

Further implementation of scientific reform on the agenda


The Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan conducted a meeting at Magtymguly Turkmen State University to consider the issues relating to the fulfillment of the tasks set to Turkmen scientists by the Turkmen leader.

Alternative energy in Turkmenistan: potential and prospects


Scientists call production and use of alternative energy from nonconventional power sources ‘future energy’ that rapidly develops in many countries across the world in recent years.

International cooperation for sustainable development and progress


The international expert forum on the role of information and communications technologies, science and planning to improve the quality of education continues its work in the Avaza national tourism zone on the Caspian Sea shore.

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