Dynamics of development of scientific and educational cooperation

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Dynamics of development of scientific and educational cooperation


In Turkmenistan, the implementation of the project «Development of a master’s program in industrial entrepreneurship management for countries with economies in transition — MIETC», under the auspices of the European Union’s ERASMUS+ program, continues.

MIETC participants from our country — the Turkmen State Institute of Finance, the Turkmen State Institute of Economics and Management, as well as the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan and its Technology Center are successfully completing planned online training.

The project fully complies with the modern reforms of the socio-economic development of Turkmenistan, meets the objectives of the state course to support small and medium-sized businesses, since the training and retraining of specialists in the field of industrial entrepreneurship is one of the important tasks of the national economy.

The foreign participants of the project are the University of Santiago de Compostela of the Kingdom of Spain (the university coordinating the project on the part of the European Union), the University of Federico II in Naples, the Italian Republic, the University of Ljubljana, the Republic of Slovenia, the East Kazakhstan State Technical University named after Daulet Serikbaev, the Karaganda University of Consumer Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Tajik State University of Commerce, Technological University of Tajikistan.

The goal of MIETC is to build the capacity of human capital in higher education institutions in Central Asia in the field of industrial entrepreneurship in the context of providing students with professional skills and competencies that best meet the needs of labor markets. This program started in January 2020 and will run until January 2023.

Upon completion of the project, it is planned to introduce modern methods of teaching and learning in accordance with the principles of the Bologna process in Turkmen economic universities.

The program of the European Union is based on the achievements of more than 20 years of experience in the field of education, training of young people, covering these areas both within Europe and in the field of international cooperation. The ERASMUS+ training program of the European Union aims to develop synergies and mutual enrichment in various areas of education, training, encouraging new ideas, attracting new labor market participants and stimulating new forms of cooperation.

Rustam Gajiyev,
Expert of the department of international relations of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan.

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