New technologies in urban planning

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New technologies in urban planning


The research and production center «Nanoelectronics and the Internet of Things» of the Faculty of Cyberphysics of Systems of the Engineering and Technology University named after Oguz Khan operates in the Oguz Khan Innovation Center.

The center carries out scientific and design work, which is successfully introduced into production. One of these works is the Smart Home system.

The «Smart House» system, related to «Smart» technologies, is equipped in residential buildings of the 16th stage in Ashgabat. The apartments of these houses have automated lighting, heating systems, air conditioning, as well as fire safety control.

The Smart Home system is controlled by a mobile phone, for this an account is opened and the software is downloaded to the phone.

«Smart» curtains and blinds automatically provide regulated processes of sunlight entering the room. Also, this center has developed «smart sockets», «smart mirrors» for «smart home».

One of the main tasks of the system is the timely notification of residents about possible water, gas and electricity problems. All this is aimed at ensuring the safety of people’s lives. In cases of violations, the system notifies residents by sending SMS messages, a sound signal or a call to a mobile phone. In the future, it is envisaged to develop warning systems for possible natural disasters.

In order to comply with sanitary and hygienic standards in and around the containers of household waste, the system «Smart Containers for Household Waste» has been developed.

At present, students’ developments are being widely introduced into the construction of residential buildings and administrative buildings being built in the new center of Akhal velayat.

Azady Myradov

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