New technologies for the benefit of the people

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New technologies for the benefit of the people


In the innovation complex «Oguz Khan» of the Oguz Khan University of Engineering and Technology, the works of students and teachers of the university — «smart traffic lights» and «smart parking lots» were shown.

The system «Smart traffic lights» is one of the works on the transition of digitalization of the transport and logistics complex. This software belongs to an intelligent system and is designed for traffic safety, eliminating traffic jams on the streets, as well as pedestrian safety.

Software features include:

• Definition of the object;

• Timely automatic correction;

• Opportunity for road traffic workers to receive timely information on web pages.

The sensor determines the approach of transport to the parking lot and transmits information to the central control room. If the driver or vehicle does not approach the gate within a certain distance, the gate remains in the closed position. One of the features of this program is to monitor the process of work using a computer.

You can also control the gate using a computer. The driver of the vehicle can find out about the availability of free places and order a parking area for vehicles while outside the parking lot.

Currently, the work of students is being widely introduced into the construction of residential buildings and administrative buildings being built in the new center of Akhal velayat.

Azady Myradov

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