Highly qualified personnel will strengthen the potential of Turkmen science and its contribution to the development of the country

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Highly qualified personnel will strengthen the potential of Turkmen science and its contribution to the development of the country


On the eve of the big national holiday and the International Day of Neutrality, the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan held a solemn ceremony of presenting diplomas to a large group of scientists who defended their dissertations for the degree of Doctor and Candidate of Sciences. In Turkmenistan, science is considered as the main force of progress, determining innovative development and digital transformation of the economy, all spheres of state and public life.

As President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov emphasizes, in the 21st century, the place and role of Turkmenistan in the world economy should largely be determined by the level of scientific and technological development, the ability to create and effectively replicate its own and widely use imported science-intensive technologies. The necessary conditions for fundamental and applied research have been created at the institutes under the auspices of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, at the Center of Technologies, sectoral research institutions, and higher educational institutions of the country. A new generation of scientists, process engineers is being formed, called upon to bring the science of Turkmenistan to the forefront.

For the solution of the important tasks set for the national science, the training of highly qualified specialists — candidates and doctors of sciences — is of particular importance. In November, twenty applicants for these degrees presented the results of their scientific research and practical developments to the exacting court of competent scientific councils and reviewers. At the defense of dissertations, well-known scientists and experts of Turkmenistan acted as opponents and specialists of leading organizations, giving a high assessment of the scientific novelty and practical significance of the research of dissertation candidates. As a result, 4 doctoral and 16 master’s theses in priority areas of technical, social and medical sciences were successfully defended, and their authors received well-deserved diplomas.

It is important to note the practical orientation of the research carried out by the candidates for a degree. Thus, two doctoral and several master’s theses in technical sciences are devoted to improving work in the oil and gas industry, which is strategic for Turkmenistan, in particular, the development of scientific foundations for innovative underground gas storage facilities, the development of oil and gas fields, and the operation of oil and gas wells.

The doctoral dissertation in history summarizes the country’s diplomatic experience during the period of independence, with an emphasis on the humanitarian aspect. Another doctoral dissertation was defended in philology — this is a scientific study devoted to the main directions of the development of Turkmen literature in the XV—XVI centuries. Specific issues of legal proceedings and criminal forensics are considered in two theses, the authors of which were awarded the scientific degree of Candidate of Legal Sciences.

Several candidate dissertations are devoted to various aspects of the study of the Turkmen language and literature, touching on the issues of professional vocabulary and phraseological units of the Turkmen language, the historical and linguistic analysis of Turkmen anthroponyms, the use of oriental artistic traditions in the poetry of Mollanepes.

The authors of studies on comparative linguistics and translation theory, who devoted their works to the peculiarity of the linguistic culture of the Turkmen and Japanese peoples, to the peculiarities of phrases in the Turkmen and Arabic languages, received Ph.D. degrees in philological sciences. The scientific conclusions and practical recommendations made by them can contribute to the practical implementation of the Concept of improving the teaching of foreign languages being implemented in Turkmenistan.

Diplomas on conferring the academic degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences in the specialties «Eye Diseases» and «Urology» were awarded for works of predominantly scientific and applied nature. Specialists, whose high qualifications are confirmed by the diplomas they have received, represent various scientific institutions and leading universities of the country.

Ogulgozel Rejepova

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