The State Museum welcomes to exhibition «Science — Human Wealth»

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The State Museum welcomes to exhibition «Science — Human Wealth»


Exhibition dedicated to the Day of Science, which is annually observed in our country on June 12, has been opened in the State Museum of the State Cultural Center.

Thematic photo gallery, which were presented by the host from the archive of written sources of the museum, were in the central part of the exhibition «Science — Human Wealth». It included the portrays of prominent scientists, who made deserving contribution to development of national science. Unique documents displayed at the exhibition narrate about scientific expeditions and researches in the XX century in archaeological, paleontological, ethnographic, geological and biological fields.

Archeological findings discovered in Turkmenistan are also among the exhibits. It includes ceramics, fragments of stamping ceramic production and ancient buildings indicating the traditions of Turkmen architecture, culture and life of people.

The exposition is continued with natural theme of Turkmenistan in bright pictures of Turkmen painters and photographers. The works of visual art masters picture themes about the diversity, beauty and uniqueness of Turkmenistan’s flora and fauna. Topical publications like the Red Book of Turkmenistan and works of Turkmen academics dedicated to flora and fauna, continue the narration about the nature of the country.

The collection of children’s works — works by school students of the capital, which was named «Animals — Our Friends», has been demonstrated for the first time at the exhibition. Colorful pictures made in 3D technique have brightly demonstrated sincere love of the nature and excellent art skills of children. Young artists, who has a passion for natural world and made continuation to the organization of the exhibition, have received memorial gifts in ceremonial hall of the museum.

It is left to add that the State Museum welcomes everybody to visit celebration exposition, which will work until the end of next week.


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