Turkmen and Japanese scientists speak of the technology of silicon production from Karakum sand

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Turkmen and Japanese scientists speak of the technology of silicon production from Karakum sand


Oguzkhan Engineering and Technology University became the discussion ground for the participants of scientific and practical conference «Innovative technologies of silicon production and its derivatives from the sand of Karakum desert». Lecturers of the capital universities, scientists of the Academy of Science of Turkmenistan and specialists of number of branch ministries took part in the event.

The conference was organized as plenary and three sectional sessions, which discusses the aspects of silicon production from local materials. Video conference, which connected national specialists with the leading scientists from Japan, forestalled the discussion of the subject of the meeting. These were the representatives of Hirosaki and Tokyo Universities Kenzi Itaka and Hideomi Koinuma, who has been cooperating with Turkmenistan for many years in the sphere of nanotechnologies.

During the conference, Kenzi Itaka and Hideomi Koinuma demonstrated the video presentation, having told about joint studies with the colleagues from engineering and technology university of our country. particularly, it was about a unique method of production of silicon and implementation of the result to the production. Video format was used to support interested share of the opinion and practices.

Exhibition, which introduced scientific developments of the lecturers and student, has been organized during the conference. The consequence of technological process of production of silicon oxide from different local material resources and its further treatment has been demonstrated.

The exhibition introduced industrial samples of different electronic devices that were invented in the university. Teaching robot that helps the children to learn the world was among the innovations. Electronic teacher is able to provide necessary information in one of four language it is programmed for. Other models of robots were also presented at the exhibition.

There are automated heating supply system that is able to support set temperature mode in the room among actual developments. Large interest was raised by electronic remote control systems.

Another scientific work is focused on rational use of energy resources. It introduces the principles of automatic support of necessary lighting level. Innovations of medical electronics are among the developments; one of them provides the control of dripping medicine injections and after completion sends the signal to medical personnel. Interactive presentations and master classes for beginner innovators were organized in the exhibition halls for better overview.

In general, the exhibition introduced the directions of versatile scientific and research work, which is carried out in engineering and technology university. The university actively accumulates scientific potential including in international cooperation, which is indicated by successful partnership with Japanese colleagues.

The agreement that gave start to the cooperation of Oguzkhan Engineering and Technology University with Chemistry Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan is one of the latest example of the development of inter-department relations.

Victoria Novikova

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