Number of scientific meetings dedicated to the reforms in agricultural complex takes place on the threshold of the Harvest Holiday

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Number of scientific meetings dedicated to the reforms in agricultural complex takes place on the threshold of the Harvest Holiday


The Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan organized the meetings time to the Harvest Holiday where representatives of the society, scientists and specialists of food and agricultural industry took part. The subject area of the discussions was dedicated to the role of science in reformation of agricultural sector of the economy as well as to the implementation of the innovations.

Scientific conference on social aspects of large-scale reformation of this sphere and education of responsible approach to land management was held in the conference hall of the Academy of Science with participation of the representatives of the Democratic Party and Magtumguly Youth Organization.

The Institute of Solar Energy hosted the meeting dedicated to use of alternative sources of energy in plant growing and livestock farming in remote pastries of the Karakums.

Personnel of the Technology Centre organized scientific conference «Innovative technologies in processing of agricultural production» to the Harvest Holiday. The subject touched upon the methods of reception, storage and transportation of food products made by the enterprises of national agricultural industry. Acting Director of Botanic Garden of the Institute of Biology and Medicinal Plants of the Academy of Science of Turkmenistan Kuvatbay Gylychmuradov made a speech at the meeting. He told about the achievements of the selection and seed breeding of the cotton, new Turkmen highly productive saline-resistant breeds, which where received by the scientists recently. Particularly, it meant perspective cotton breed Arcach — 130, which is currently under industrial tests.

The organizers and participants of the events mentioned that modern Turkmenistan is a country where large-scale high technology projects are implemented. Agrarian science involving numerous related directions is actively developed. The course at technological rearmament and greening was taken what is the key component of the development of agricultural complex in new social and economic conditions. Structural departments of the Academy of Science of Turkmenistan play important role in this process. Some of them like the Institute of Livestock Farming and Veterinary, the Institute of Biology and Medicinal Plants, the Technology Centre develop their own or joint projects that support the development of all directions of agricultural production and improvement of the quality of the products.

This collaboration is based on cooperation with the specialists of the State Association of Food Industry of the country as well as with Scientific and Research Agricultural Institute, which operates under profile ministry. The Institute employed the staff of experienced specialists working in the branches, velayat scientific and research centres as well as operates experimental grounds and specialized seed growing farms.

According to National legislation, agricultural production in Turkmenistan is carried out without using of the GMO technologies and meets the requirements of ecological safety.

Elena Dolgova

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