Turkmenistan and Japan work over improvement of the efficiency of seismic monitoring

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Turkmenistan and Japan work over improvement of the efficiency of seismic monitoring

Conference hall of the Academy of Sciences held Turkmen — Japanese seminar on exchange of the practice in reduction of the risks caused by natural disasters. The forum with participation of the specialists from the country of the Rising Sun was organized under joint project «Improvement of System of Seismic Monitoring in Ashgabat and its Surrounding», which united the Institute of Seismology and Physics of Atmosphere of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan and Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

The aim of the meeting is to introduce leading international developments and Japanese practice in reduction of the risk from natural disasters and the tasks of the project, to establish direct contacts with scientific agencies, relative branch structures working in seismology, construction, emergency response, etc.

300 specialists representing different government and international structures like the UN Representative Office, National Red Crescent Society, Ashgabat City Administration, ministries of finances and economy, education, construction and architecture, health protection and medical industry, General State Service Turkmenstandartlary, State concern Turkmengaz, Head Department for Emergency Situations and Response Works of the Defence Ministry of Turkmenistan, Institute of Seismic Construction, International Oil and Gas University, Oguzkhan Engineering and technology University, Ashgabatgaz Department and other took part in the seminar together with the representatives of the joint project.

Guljemal Sariyva, the Director of the Institute of Seismology and Physics of Atmosphere of the Academy of Sciences highlighted in the interview that the project «Improvement of System of Seismic Monitoring in Ashgabat and its Surrounding» is implemented under the Joint Declaration on development of friendship and partnership between Turkmenistan and Japan.

The Programme is aimed at modernization of the system of seismic monitoring, improvement of its efficiency as well as at evaluation of engineering and geological risk on the territory of Ashgabat and development of the earthquake contingency plans.

It is important to activate the cooperation between different branch structures on every stage of the monitoring including data processing and transferring as well as its use for establishment of targeted monitoring network. The project focuses on operational data transfer on the earthquakes, which is to be sent to all relevant organizations.

It is supposed that JICA will provide modern seismic equipment for registration of strong movements, digital seismic stations and data processing software to Turkmenistan. The specialist of the Institute will have a training on modern technologies of seismic information processing in Japan.

Selection of efficient communication channels for reporting potential threat to organizations responsible for prevention of disasters, emergency response and mitigation of consequences was one of the main subjects of the discussion.

Here is what Japanese expert think about it:

Ko Goto, the Director of Risk Mitigation Team of Envirnomental Department, JICA (Japanese International Cooperation Agency):

The Project for improvement of the system of seismic monitoring in Ashgabat and surroundings is the first project of Japanese International Cooperation Agency in Turkmenistan. Our partner is the Institute of Seismology and Physics of Atmosphere of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan. The seminar is aimed at study and distribution of the world tendencies in this sphere including under the realization of International Sendai Framework Programme for reduction of the risks of disasters in 205 — 2030.

The meeting is, undoubtedly, will be important step in expansion of cooperation between organizations responsible for prevention and mitigation of emergencies.

Yoshitaka Yamazaki, the Leader of JICA Expert Team:

Implementation of the project will allow improving the quality of seismic data. The participants of the seminar work over the selection of optimum channel for data transfer between the stations and monitoring centre. Different options including fibre optic channels, satellite and mobile communications have been studied.

Koichi Hasegava, the Earth Movement Analysis Specialist of JICA Expert Team:

Realization of 3.5 year project will allow defining the parameters of the earthquakes. Instructions for analysis of seismic intensity, location of the hypocentre and magnitude of the earthquake based on earth movement monitoring data will be elaborated. The next steps are to deliver necessary equipment, to carry out relative works at the movement stations and to study distribution of seismic waves speed in under surface layer.

Hongjun Si, the Analysis Specialist of Strong Earth Movement of JICA Expert Team:

Introduction of digital system of seismic mentoring in real-time mode is one of the objectives of the Project. Delivery of necessary equipment, development of digital system of seismic monitoring and training of the specialists to operate modern equipment will be carried out. Elaboration and further implementation of digital strong earth movement monitoring system in real-time mode are among expected outcomes. The series of topical seminars are also planned.

Victoria Novikova

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