The 1st Turkmen-Chinese Research and Innovation Forum started

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The 1st Turkmen-Chinese Research and Innovation Forum started

The Turkmen capital hosted an opening of the Turkmen-Chinese Research and Innovation Forum «Innovations, new technologies and issues of their manufacturing application», organized by the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan and the P.R.C. Ministry of Science and Technology. Opening of the conference took place in the Center of STA technologies.

The forum’s purpose is interchange of experience and search of new opportunities for cooperation between scientists from Turkmenistan and P.R.C. in the sphere of alternative energy sources, energy efficiency technologies, innovations in agriculture, chemistry, seismology, medicine, pharmacology, biology and other fields.

Representatives of scientific institutions of China and heads of International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, Department of Science and Technology of Hubei province, Scientific-Technological and Innovation Cooperation Center’s Forum «Asia — Europe», a research platform of the Chinese-European Institute for Clean and Renewable Energy of Huangyan Science and Technology University, and others spoke during the first day of the conference.

Reports, submitted at the forum, covered theoretical and practical issues of various scientific fields’ development. One of the main themes of the conference was the technological development in the field of renewable energy resources, and there were discussed topical lines of cooperation. One of the reports was dedicated to innovative technological developments in Hubei province, which for many years has worked closely with the countries of Central Asian region and is interested in the development of relations with Turkmenistan on the territory of which there is great potential for solar energy development and innovative agriculture.

The forum touched upon an important for Turkmenistan issue of modernization of gas-fired power plants, due to which it is possible the electric generation with minimal harm to the environment. Innovative technology for production of electric energy and refrigeration from the natural gas stream is of great economic benefit, and the technology itself has been already developed and patented by Turkmen scientists.

Among other themes were innovative conceptions in urban planning and seismology, modern agrotechnology, methods of integrated processing of hydro mineral raw materials and other natural resources, including medicinal plants, solving environmental problems and genetics, breeding, veterinary and livestock breeding issues.

On October 12, the conference attendees will resume work in break-out sessions and hold bilateral meetings on specific proposals and ideas, presented.

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