Ashgabat 2017 Photo Gallery and Daily Review: Day Six

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Ashgabat 2017 Photo Gallery and Daily Review: Day 6

21 September, 2017 (23:05)

Major multi-sports events are all about what we witnessed today. This was «Games-Time» at full throttle. The sports action at the Ashgabat 2017 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games hit maximum capacity on Day 6, with a transfixing display of drama across 13 sports championships, all happening simultaneously in one city.

Astonishing stuff — and a logistical marvel of organisation, with athletes at the centre of a spectacular showpiece that is being broadcast across Asia and Oceania, and beyond.

At the halfway point we had the busiest day on the whole Games schedule. Equestrian Jumping, Bowling, and Chess made their Games debuts and there was medal competition in nine of the sports.

Thailand showed its strength in a brilliant finale of the Muaythai competition, which saw 14 gold medals decided in total. Thai athletes claimed seven of those. There was also glory for the Thai team in the first Bowling event, where Annop Arromsaranon won the men’s Singles.

The host Turkmenistan team extended its massive lead on the medals table with victories in several sports, including two in Muaythai. On the first day of Equestrian Jumping, Nikolay Beglaryan clinched the Akhal Teke Cup gold medal, for native breeds.

In Weightlifting, Turkmen Rejepbay Rejepow won the 77kg, and there were was a single victory in the Kurash for Marat Orozow in men’s 66kg.

Uzbekistan athletes won three golds in Kurash, and Chinese Taipei claimed the remaining two of the six today.

China claimed a gold in Billiards, with future star Yan Bingtao taking the 6-Red Snooker Singles title. China also won a gold in the women’s 63kg weightlifting.

At the Velodrome, the Hong Kong, China team won the women’s Team Sprint gold medal.

The day finished with a flourish of medals in Belt Wrestling, including a gold for Turkmen Tejen Tejenow, in men’s Kazakh Kurasi −90kg.

Kazakhstan picked up the other two in that discipline in men’s +90kg and −70kg, and Iran took all three golds in the Pahlavani discipline.

Turkmenistan now leads the table with 59 gold, and has 148 in total. With its late evening Belt Wrestling show, and three golds in the Muaythai, Iran moved into second with 16 golds, and Thailand is third on 13.

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