Turkmen publications receive high awards on international book contest

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Turkmen publications receive high awards on international book contest


Winners award ceremony of International CIS contest «The Art of Book» has taken place under anniversary, the 30th Moscow International Book Fair.

This year, 87 publications were competing in ten nominations for the certificates of «The Art of Book» contest. Turkmen book publishers have been winning the diplomas and prizes in certain nominations several times before but the success of the representatives of the State Publishing Service was never that impressive. This time, Turkmenistan was represented by four publications published in 2016 and all of them received highest awards.

In «My Country» nomination, the book «Turkmenistan» by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov won the main prize. He is also an author of «the Music of Peace, the Music of Friendship and Fraternity» that received special diploma of the jury.

Joint composition of domestic linguists — Explanatory Dictionary of Turkmen Language, won in «Learning Literature and Education» category.

It was the first time when Turkmen publication was awarded with the main prize of Grand Prix. The book of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov «Swift Tread of Fast Horse» received this honourable prize.

It is not the first time when this book receives high estimation of the experts in book publishing. Last summer, it was awarded with special diploma «The Best Book of 2016» for popularization of national culture of Turkmenistan at the largest Russian forum of printing and publishing media Red Square 2017.

The jury was not left indifferent by inspired narration of one of the main cultural heritage of our nation — the ahalteke horse. High class printing quality combined with thoroughly selected illustrations made this book a desired purchase for all lovers of horse-breeding and all connoisseurs of beauty.

The awards were presented by Head of International Committee of the Federation Council of Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Konstantin Kosachyov, Special Representative of the President of Russia for International Cultural Cooperation Mikhail Shvydkoy, Executive Director of International Fund for Humanitarian Cooperation of the CIS Anatoly Iksanov.

This is how the outcomes of the contest were commented by prominent international experts in book printing.

Dmitry Makarov, the Representative of jury of international contest «The Art of Book» (The Republic of Belarus):

— I have been many times in Ashgabat at international book exhibitions, have long friendship relations with my colleagues from Turkmenistan and I am sincerely happy with their professional success. The publishing went up very high in the country for the last few years and it is reflected in the awards of competent international forums including in the current one.

The jury members noted educational purpose of the majority of the works, which are presented annually at the contest by the State Publishing Service of Turkmenistan. Accessibility and hence, the attraction of such information is easy to explain — the preparation of every publication, carried out in three languages — the Turkmen, English and Russian, simultaneously, is a distinctive feature of Turkmen polygraph personnel. Such approach considerably expands readers auditory and makes the country easier to understand for many people abroad. Memorable books made in accordance with high modern polygraph requirements become the hallmark of Turkmenistan successfully representing the state in the world arena.

Alexander Nabokov, Editor Director of «Book Review» (Russia):

— The brightest feelings were left by «Swift Tread of Fast Horse». It cannot left potential reader indifferent only because it is about the Beauty from the capital letter. This is not just about natural perfectness of ahalteke horses but about the beauty that became national symbol. Actually, the narration in the books is a philosophic treatise explaining the nature of mental world perceptions of the nation. At the same time, this is a song glorifying ahalteke horse — living image of the perfectness protected by the love of people throughout the centuries. The author sees special features of the development of historical world view of Turkmen nation in strict adherence to everlasting cultural values, where the beauty and perfectness occupy leading positions, and brings convincing evidence by example of worship of ahalteke horse.

Persuasiveness and authenticity of the narration find the proof in the book owing to the art of printing. Among numerous books represented by Turkmenistan at international printing forums, there was not any one that so visually demonstrated publishing skills. Stylish design, thoroughness and care of material delivery bring the book to the rank of absolute achievements.

* * *

The objectives of International CIS Contest «The Art of Book» are to encourage the most deserving publishing projects, to activate cooperation in literature and publishing spheres, to popularize the best achievements in publishing art and to develop the exchange of spiritual and cultural values among the nations.

Interstate Fund of Humanitarian Cooperation of the Commonwealth of Independent States will spread the publishing of «Swift Tread of Fast Horse» as a book awarded with Grand Prix of the contest among library funds of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

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