Awards were presented to winners of the competition of scientific works among youth

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Awards were presented to winners of the competition of scientific works among youth


On the occasion of the Science Day, Ashgabat hosted the solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of the annual competition of scientific works among young people, conducted by the Central Council of the Youth Organization named after Makhtumkuli jointly with the Academy of Sciences. Honoring the winners was held in the conference hall of the Turkmen State University named after Makhtumkuli.

The intellectual competition was attended by employees of scientific research institutes, production associations, scientific-technical enterprises, teachers and students of universities, pupils of secondary special educational institutions, representatives of different professions, displaying keen interest to scientific research.

The present exhibition attracted over a thousand young talents, submitted for a consideration to the expert commission Developments and Researches in six categories, including actual directions of modern science. They are nanotechnology, chemical technology, study of new materials, energetics; biotechnology, molecular biology, agriculture, ecology and genetics; information and communication systems, computer technologies, medicine and technology of drugs; innovative economics; humanities.

The ceremony of honoring the winners of the scientific competition among young people was participated by members of the government, heads of ministries and departments, higher educational institutions, scientists, representatives of public organizations, teaching staff and University students, doctoral students and postgraduates of the Academy of Sciences. Among the honored guests of the ceremony were the participants of the International scientific conference «Science, technique and innovation technologies in the epoch of power and happiness», opened today in the Center of STA technologies.

The jury decided the winners. To the applause, they were awarded honorary diplomas and valuable prizes on behalf of the head of state. Panorama of the young scientists’ creative aspirations in science and new technologies was shown by the exhibition of their works unfolded in the University’s lobby. The exhibition included collections of scientific works, mock-ups of devices in the field of renewable energy sources, innovative technologies for the production of chemical products, building materials, silicon from the Karakum sand, newest developments of drugs on the basis of plants growing in Turkmenistan.

Artistic quest spectrum of awardees of the current intellectual competition demonstrated a collection of their works, prepared by the Central Council of the Youth Organization named after Makhtumkuli. The concert of creative collectives of the country’s universities completed a solemn part of the festivity.

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