Youth scientific projects contest is summed up

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Youth scientific projects contest is summed up


The Centre of Technologies of the Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan holds the exhibition of scientific projects organized by the Young Scientists Centre of Turkmenistan. Topical exposition introduces innovative developments aimed at modernization of branches of national economy. Young scientists councils of different universities and branch scientific and research institutes of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan presented 15 teams. Fosters of the State Boarding School for Gifted Children connected with the institutes of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan by fruitful cooperation were also invited to participate in scientific review.

78 joint and individual projects and developments were presented at the exhibition. The jury composed of the heads of the Academy of Sciences, Young Scientists Councils of the universities and branch scientific and research institutes were evaluating scientific values of the works.

At the end of the first day of the exhibition, the award ceremony of the winners, whose works were recognized as perspective ones for implementation to different spheres of production, took place.

Fourth grade student of the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan Dovletmammet Niyaztuvakov, the author of the majority of projects of his university, was the first. The representative of art school was awarded for the series of design developments like innovative multifunctional furniture, children playground, transforming artist tool kit. For example, the artist tool kit includes the easel, palette, chair and desk. The furniture for teenagers assembled in a cube, playground for children with sun umbrella and other original models are multifunctional and compact as well.

The Academy of Arts also owns the authorship of unusual picture that turn to live owing to invisible musicians skilfully playing the melodies on dutar and gyjal located in the centre of the canvas. The melody is harmonically supplemented with birds’ chorus announcing that spring comes.

First grade student of Turkmen State Institute of Transport and Communication Begench Annayev, the author of multifunctional electronic arm is the silver medallist. He shared the silver with student of Turkmen State Architecture and Construction institute Bezirgen Mamedov, who made the series of projects embodied in the image of Turkmen capital.

Third grade student of International Oil and Gas University Shiraly Bahadurov, the author of complex installation based on the use of alternative sources of energy, is on the third place. Third grade student of Military and Marine Institute Nurmurat Kekilov has an idea of making of electronic microscope for schools. Another bronze medallist, fifth grade student of Medical Univercity Uzukjemal Sapargylyjova presented special apparatus for production of bee venom as a medicine. The development is based on proposals of Turkmen school students, the winners of gold and silver medals during international contests in Georgia (2010) and in USA (2011). The representative of medical university improved the project of young innovator for its introduction to apitherapy. The innovation is aimed at industrial production of ecologically clean bee venom without harming the bees.

Dozens of scientific projects not included in number of the prize winning were recognized by the competent jury as perspective ones. For example, interactive presentation made by the team of Turkmen Agricultural University introduced modified compact construction of mechanical crane and belt conveyor designed for maintenance of agricultural equipement.

Antibacterial tissues and dressings made using the extracts of medicinal herbs growing in our country were among actual developments of the medical university team.

The fosters of the State Boarding School for Gifted Children, invited as guests, presented the models of modern hothouses working on alternative sources of energy. The work was done under the supervision of the scientists of the Solar Energy Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan and tested at experimental ground of near Ashgabat. The energy of solar panels equipped in the hothouse stimulates the growth of fruit and vegetables, which samples were presented at the exhibition.

Victoria Novikova,
photo by Yuri Shkurin

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