Turkmenistan forms innovative and multilingual system of training of specialists

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Turkmenistan forms innovative and multilingual system of training of specialists


Improvement of science and education systems, particularly the training of young highly qualified specialists — generation of the scientists of new formation, is one of the priorities of reformation policy of Turkmenistan.

It is visually evidenced by the International Scientific Conference «Science, Technics and Innovative technologies» timed to the Day of Science and held in Ashgabat on June 12, 2016.

The forum gathered the representatives of the scientific circles from more than 50 countries. Foreign guests familiarized with the activity of the Technology Centre of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, which is summoned to become the man generator of innovative economy of the country, «the economy of knowledge», development of intellectual capital and scientific and technical potential of Turkmenistan, having united scientific ideas and solutions.

The representatives of the world scientific society took part in award ceremony of the winners of the competition of young scientists and students of Turkmenistan. Personnel of the research institutions, production associations, scientific and technical emterprises, lecturers and students of high educational institutions took part in the intellectual competition.

They presented their developments and researches in the following nominations: nanotechnologies, chemical technologies, energy, biotechnology, molecular biology, agriculture, ecology and genetics, information and communication systems, medicine and production of medicinal products, innovative economy, etc.

The objectives of active integration of the science into production reflects in the results of scientists’ activity. For example, the institutes and technology centre of the Academy of Science actively undertake researches aimed at economy of energy sources. The scientists discover new technologies of energy production, exploration, production and use of hydrocarbon resources.

The modernization of educational sphere also brought actual novelties to school time-table, which includes such disciplines as the basics of economy, cultural heritage of Turkmenistan, world’s culture, modelling and graphics, information, communication and innovative technologies. The objectives of the training of highly professional specialists in different spheres of national economy determined establishment of specialized comprehensive schools with deep study of chemistry, biology and other disciplines.

Annual victories of Turkmen students in prestigious international contests in different disciplines were one of the obvious results of innovative reforms in educational sphere. Just in 2015 — 2016 educational year, our talented children won 51 medals, where 14 gold, 14 silver and 23 bronze medals, during 12th International Competition in Kazakhstan, International Project Competition for the World Sustainable Development in Houston (USA), 50th Mendeleev International Chemistry Olympiad for the pupils (Russia), 10th İnternational Young İnventors Project Olympiad IYIPO — 2016 (Tbilisi, Georgia), International Theory Mechanic Olympiad (Gomel, Belarus) and others.

Ceremonial opening of new high educational institution — Oguzkhan Engineering and Technology University, with participation of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, was the event of special importance.

The students receive modern education in the university in such subjects as materials study and new materials technology, nanomaterial’s, chemical technology, biotechnology, information systems and technologies, automation and control, mechatronics and robotics.

There is deep study of English and Japanese languages during first year. Following years, all disciplines will be taught in these languages. The beat students will be able to continue education in universities of Japan.

Thus, the faculty of chemical and nanotechnologies pays special attention to the technologies in nanochemistry, electronics, biomedicine, transformation of energy, development of new materials from local sources, the faculty of biotechnology and ecology teach genomics, practical immunology, pharmaceutics, genetic engineering, methods and technique of cell reproduction, tissue cultivation, DNA recombination, etc.

Theory of information, cybernetics, computer systems and informational engineering made the basis of the programme of the faculty of computer sciences and information technologies. The faculty of automatics and electronics trains highly qualified engineers, robotics, electronics and other specialists.

Practically oriented training course of the faculty of economy is aimed at formation of the knowledge in innovative activity and commercialization of scientific projects, study of the main principles and skills of marketing, development of innovative products and projects as well as basics of planning and legal aspects of business.

Taking into consideration that specialities and disciplines of Oguzkhan Engineering and technology University are relatively new for our country, famous Japanese professors and scientists were invited to teach our students in these directions. From Japanese side, Tsukuba University undertook organizational process in the university.

Specialized secondary school, which programme includes Japanese language, opened near the University. Similar schools were also opened in all velayats of the country. Nowadays, there twelve similar schools in Turkmenistan.

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