Turkmenistan’s scientific approach in resolving water- environmental tasks: delegation of specialists travel to the Turkmen Lake «Altyn Asyr»

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Turkmenistan’s scientific approach in resolving water- environmental tasks: delegation of specialists travel to the Turkmen Lake «Altyn Asyr»


The delegation includes members of the national Parliament, representatives of ministries and departments, public organizations, research institutes of the Academy of Sciences and professors, as well as diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited in our country, including European Union, OSCE, UNDAF, UNICEF and mass-media.

On the shore of the reservoir of the plot of Ak Yayla, it was held event devoted to the progress made in the implementation of the project of the unique hydraulic work, erected in the heart of the Karakum desert. Wide popularization in the world of a huge ecological significance is the lake to address global challenges in the field of water resources -one of the main goals of these campaigns.

Creation of Grand Lake in the heart of the great desert aims to ensure environmental security in the region, the conservation and sustainable use of water resources. Unprecedented project, which is under the watchful eye of the leader of the nation is of a great importance not only for Turkmenistan, but also for the entire Central Asia.

Conservation and restoration of water and other natural resources, combating desertification, land degradation, climate change is one of the key directions of international cooperation of Turkmenistan as the initiator of constructive solutions to global environmental problems for the well-being of present and future generations. Together with the UN development programme, UN on Environment Programme, the global environment fund and other authoritative international organizations at the national and regional levels implemented dozens of programs and projects.

Broad support from the international community have received the positive initiatives announced by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov at the international forums, including the United Nations Conference on sustainable development, Rio +20, the Summit on sustainable development for the period after 2015 year, held under the 70-th session of the United Nations General Assembly, (III) the UN World Conference on disaster reduction (Japan) and VII World Water Forum (the Republic of Korea).

Among them is a proposal about opening a Regional Centre in Ashgabat on Technologies Related to Climate Change, as well as on the development of the UN special programme for the Aral Sea saving and the UN water strategy, to establish effective multilateral cooperation mechanisms to ensure environmental and technological safety of the Caspian Sea.

The implementation of the innovative project of construction of «Altyn Asyr» Turkmen Lake is a significant contribution to the resolving global problems related to the conservation of the water resources of the planet. Possessing vast experience of successful farming and water management in arid zone, Turkmenistan is at the forefront of research in this sphere, calling upon other States to rational relation to water resources on an equal basis.

Commissioning of the first stage of this enormous hydraulic system was held with the participation of the head of state in July 15, 2009 year. Construction of Turkmen Lake is designed in three phases and aimed at addressing the whole range of relevant economic and social issues. This will be given annually billions of cubic meters of saline collector-drainage waters that will radically improve the reclamation condition of irrigated lands in all regions, to solve many of the problems associated with salinization, waterlogging and drought.

Thus, the country creates the reserved stock of water which due to the natural filtering and application of modern technologies can be used for the needs of the agricultural complex, rational use of water resources, drainage water, development of new lands, expanding grazing areas, as well as to irrigate green areas, technical needs.

Under the current campaign specialists of the Institute of chemistry of the Academy of Sciences demonstrated work presented by the leader of the nation Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov to the Institute the moving analytical laboratory to conduct water, soil and climate research.

During her presentation, the representatives of international organizations were acquainted with the distinctive features of the laboratories, modern equipment which allows conducting world—class 24 kinds of complicated analysis. As noted scientists, using PAL it can be directly on site to conduct fundamental research in water chemistry analysis of «Altyn Asyr» Turkmen Lake on which it is concluded that the content of the heavy elements and water salinity level fully complies with international environmental requirements.

Today, the functioning of Turkmen Lake allows you to use the formed water and collectors for fisheries development. A vivid example of this is demonstrated by participants of the event the ponds with different kinds of fish found today in the Lake and adjacent water bodies.

Additional impetus to its development received livestock, including through irrigation of vast areas of desert, pastoral expansion.

Favorable environmental conditions and food for migratory birds in areas of the reservoir network in Central and East Karakum desert are created, and flowing Lake, located downstream of Dashoguz is already attracted inhabitants of wetlands-ducks, geese, coots, cormorants, shorebirds and other birds. Here, there are many new sites for nesting and wintering. Flooding of the central part of the Karakum desert positively affects the populations of rare hoofed animals, many of which are listed in the Red data book of Turkmenistan-Ustyur mountain sheep, kulana, Gazelle. Increases the number of species live on the banks of reservoirs.

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