President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov sends congratulatory message to the country’s scientific community and the participants of International Conference, dedicated to Day of Science

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President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov sends congratulatory message to the country’s scientific community and the participants of International Conference, dedicated to Day of Science


President of Turkmenistan, in particular, said: «I congratulate you on widely celebrated Day of Science timed to the Year of Honoring the Heritage and Transformation of the Fatherland, and on the beginning of the work of International Scientific Conference.

It attaches a great importance to dynamically development of the national economy, its integration into the global economic space, designed to increase social security and standard of living of the people. Having expected a long-term perspective and having a specific purpose, the state program on socio-economic development of the country and all large-scale transformations carried out by our country are based on scientifically fundamental doctrine. In this context, it is going on modernization of scientific sphere, which is one of the main factors of confident entry of our Motherland into the ranks of highly developed countries of the world. In order to improve the scientific sphere in accordance with current trends and tofurther strengthen its fundamentals, it is successfully implemented radical reforms. Taking into account the achievements of world science and technology, as well as current trends in the structures of Turkmen Academy of Sciences, centers of technology of the higher educational establishments, industrial research structures, scientific and industrial structures are established to hold most favorable conditions for preparation of highly skilled scientists and specialists in order to conduct productive research studies. We are particularly pleased with the progress in the field of science, nanotechnology, chemical technologies, study of new materials, energetics, biotechnology, molecular biology, agriculture, ecology, genetics, information and communication systems, computer technology, modern medicine and technology of production of pharmaceuticals, innovation economics, and humanities. Scientific discoveries and technological advances which contribute to capacity growth rate of national economy.

Throughout its history, people of Turkmenistan are based on the inexhaustible strength, immense potential of science, education and constructive endeavour. And today we are using the potential for peace and friendship, continue this noble tradition. We strengthen cooperation with the United Nations and other major international organizations, international research centers in the field of science, technology and innovations aiming to increase the image of Turkmenistan in the international scientific area.

Science plays a major role in the progress made with foreign countries and interstate agreements in cooperation with various fields. It is the fact that at present time partnership with foreign countries in science is based on numerous intergovernmental agreements it justifies that the scope of national science in which we pay special attention, entered to a new stage of development.

We attach great importance to define the role of the material and spiritual values of the Turkmen people to ensure peace, security and sustainable development in the world, and support of cultural development. We consider important for us to cooperate with major international organizations such as UNESCO — a structural subdivision of the United Nations in educational, scientific and cultural organization. Currently, in partnership with UNESCO, we are implementing large-scale joint projects aimed at broad international cooperation in order to explore the ancient historical and cultural monuments, development of multilateral scientific and informational contacts in the name of world peace, prosperity and sustainable development. It is going on a large scale work to include in the World Heritage List of the best examples of intangible cultural heritage, national traditions and customs of our people.

We seek the possibilities to put Turkmenistan to the level of economically strong, industrially developed countries of the world, to strengthen scientific and technological support of our sovereign state, to expand educational potential of society, to achieve a happy and prosperous life of the native people. Today it is our main goal.»

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