Ashgabat hosts the conference of the scientists dedicated to the innovative technologies

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Ashgabat hosts the conference of the scientists dedicated to the innovative technologies


The forum gathered Turkmen scientists, teacher and young researches as well as the representatives of the scientific circles of more than 50 countries. There are Russia, Japan, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Congo, Turkey, Iran, Israel, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine and others among them.

The opening of the conference took place in the Centre of technologies of the Academy of Science. The participants mentioned during the session that the innovative economy is by its nature the investments into continuous quality renovation of all economic processes and segments of the national economy complex.

The lectures presented during the session enveloped actual theoretical and practical issues of the development of different branches of economy, from energy to ecology.

Thus, Georgy Geprgiev from Bulgaria made report on the subject of projection of the influence of shale gas on the fuel and energy balance of the world economy, having highlighted the main critical moments in the estimation of the resources and production of the hydrocarbons from clay rocks (shale) taking as example the situation in Europe.

By the lecturer’s opinion, the influence on the market requests the analysis based on the detailed systematic review of the characteristics of the deposits and ways of production of the shale gas and its environmental consequences. By the reports of ecologists, the production of it (hydraulic fracturing) leads to the considerable pollution by toxic substances of the soil level, ground waters, air, raising of radiation and greenhouse effect.

The fact that today the natural gas is one of the most perspective types of the produced energy within world energy supply as it emits the lowest level of carbonic acid that creates greenhouse gases effect and successfully substitute the coal, which have the emission of CO2 50% more, can be added to the lecture of Bulgarian scientist. The experts say that despite the impetuous and non-traditional development of the energy complex, the share of gas production in the world economy will increase for 25% by 2040.

Another vital ecology problem — the pollution of water environment was touched in the report of Izumi Ikinoze from Japan, having dwelt on modern technologies for purification of water and industry filters of new generation. In particular, he presented to the attention of the participants the opportunity of use of nano-structural membrane and absorbent, which can also be used in the process of development of the oil and gas fields for the treatment of produced water.

On behalf of Japanese specialists, the willingness for exchange of working experience and active partnership with Turkmen colleagues in the sphere of development of new technologies of water treatment, participation in joint projects, field tests of experimental models for their further introduction to the production was expressed.

The interesting lecture on increase of energy effectiveness of the buildings and constructions as main building conception of the XXI century was presented by Yuri Tabunschikov from Russia. There are more and more buildings, districts and even whole architectural and construction zones coming up in the world, which were projected and erected on the basis of energy effective and ecologically clean technologies. Special terminology, defining the energy effectiveness of the constructions such as bioclimatic architecture, healthy and intellectual building, smart house and other are appeared.

Nasim Ahmad Shah from India chose the subject of innovations in the agriculture, stressing the attention on the study of modern technologies for the management of water resources. His research is dedicated to the main directions of economic realities, methods for modelling of the water resources management with special accent on innovative technologies.

The conference will continue its work in different sections on June 13. Thus, International Oil and Gas University will host sectional session on the subject «New industrial and innovative technologies». Its participants will share the experiences of their countries in modernization of national industries and Turkmen specialists will introduce the latest technologies, which are implemented currently in the native branches of petro- and gas chemistry, electric energy, construction materials, production and processing of hydrocarbons, mineral resources and other industries to the international audience.

The presentations of joint projects with foreign partners planned to be implemented in our country will take places as well. The agenda of this session included also the methodological subjects for provision of seismic protection, urban management, communication systems, transport communications, and satellite technologies management.

Ecological and biotechnologies subjects will be discussed in the Centre of Technologies. This part included the issues of agricultural science and innovative technologies in the agricultural sector such as livestock and poultry sectors, plant cultivation, breeding of main crop cultures, veterinary and zootechnics, genetic engineering, and rational water consumption.

The principles of regulation of the global warming issue, condition of the Aral Sea, measures for soil fertility and combat with soil salinization will be reviewed.

«Economic Development, International Cooperation and Law» session will take place in the Turkmen State Institute of Economy and Management and Turkmen State Medical University will host the session «Medicine and Pharmacy Production». The subject area enveloping the aspects of the development of humanitarian disciplines will be defined by the scientists’ lectures in Turkmen State University named after Magtumguly.

Foreign guests will have the opportunity to familiarize with the work of the Centre of technologies of the Academy of Science of Turkmenistan, current researches, which results are regularly tested during different forums and conferences. For example, just during last week, the scientific conference «Innovative technologies in the development of the country» with participation of the specialists in different spheres was held there. The results of scientific work in actual directions and information on the use of new methods and elaborations in medicine, pharmacology, industrial sphere, energy complex, new in our country space technology as well as agricultural sector and other were analysed during this conference. The work of independent section was dedicated to the application of innovative technology in the combined processing of natural resources of Turkmenistan.

The laboratories of scientific institutions and the Centre of Technologies of the Academy of Science of Turkmenistan work on the researches of the productivity elements and crop capacity of the cotton wool in order for the improvement of the cotton types selection. The method «in vitro» (in the glass" for cultivation of plants was tested. This new biotechnology is successfully entering the world market of agricultural business. Our scientist tried out new method of cultivation of the medical herbs in the artificial feeding environment.

Big interested was expressed by the lectures on new developments of Turkmen programmers, experimental and research projects for nanotechnologies and alternative energy first of all the solar one.

Recently, native scientists together with South Korean specialists assembled small trial solar power station that is currently operates in the test mode. Staged tests of this module will let to acquaint necessary data for the expertise of different projects for the development of solar energy in our country.

Big volume of works presents for the scientists researching the possibilities of creation of new construction materials. This way, the tests of physical and mechanical characteristics of the samples of sulphur-contained types of concrete with new compositions was carried out as the material for road construction. Scientific researches for the effect of imported and local modifier additives on the road construction bitumen produced by oxidizing the petroleum tar were carried out. What is most important is that the results of many new researches were implemented in the industrial facilities.

The State Veterinary Service adopted and offered for practical implementation the manual for the use of new antigen created by the native scientists for the test of milk and dairy products for the brucellosis and new vaccine injection against brucellosis. This is just few of the directions of the activity of Turkmen scientists.

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