A meeting on issues of development of the scientific-humanitarian sphere has taken place at the AST

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A meeting on issues of development of the scientific-humanitarian sphere has taken place at the AST


A working meeting was held in the conference hall of Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan. At the meeting, it was discussed the issues of further development of scientific-humanitarian sphere in the context of decision of matters set by the head of state at the enlarged meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of the country on August 14.

Relevant deputy chairpersons of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan, editors of newspapers and magazines, pro-rectors of higher educational establishments for scientific activity, heads of State Service for Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Economics and Development, Institute of State and Law at the President of Turkmenistan, Turkmen National Institute of Democracy and Human rights at the President of Turkmenistan, National Management for protection, study and restoration of monuments of history and culture of the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan, Committee on protection of the state secrets in the press and other mass media at the Cabinet of Ministers took part in the meeting. In the name of senior scientists, specialists and heads of Research Institutes, it was represented the academic circles of the country.

Issues of studying the national history and popularization in the world of literary and cultural heritage of the Turkmen people, holding of joint researches with foreign scientists and publication of scientific works became one of the central topics, which was discussed at the meeting.

Among the concrete measures aimed at improvement of work of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan as the leading innovative-technological and research centre of the country, as well as all its dependent organizations, it was submitted the proposals on increase of a role of Academy as main coordinator of research works in the country, including in the field of history and culture.

So, with a view of an establishment of the best mutual understanding and explanation of discoveries and positions of scientists — archeologists, restorers, critics, literary critics, ethnographers and other specialists, whose activity is connected with study and protection of monuments of a cultural heritage, it was put forward the proposal on creation at S of special body — the Scientific Council, coordinating the teamwork of Turkmen and foreign scientists in the field of historical and cultural researches.

The tasks of the given structure should include not only preparation of plans on interaction, but also an expert judgment and reviewing of articles, monographs and books prepared as a results of researches, taking into account ethnic and cultural specificity of history of Turkmenistan. Among them, there are also the issues of training of young staff, in particular, work of post-graduate students and students of Turkmen profile high schools with the known foreign scientists, carrying out the researches in our country.

Besides, it was sounded a proposal on creation at S of special research expedition, which will be engaged in all-round studying of monuments of history and culture of our country, involving in these works of students and post-graduate students as well.

Some initiatives presented by the leadership of Academy of Sciences in the course of the meeting, touched upon the issues of perfection of the normative and legal maintenance of this sphere, alteration and making the addendums in the current legislation on protection of objects of national historic-cultural heritage.

The matter on popularization of historical knowledge, facts, events, original cultural values of the Turkmen people not only through work of core state institutions, but also through mass-media, support of public and international projects on historic-cultural heritage is vital as well.

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