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December 2nd, 2014, the International scientific conference entitled “Innovative technologies in use of renewable energy” started its work in Ashgabat, in the conference hall of the Center of Technologies of Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan.

Specialists of core state structures, sectoral research institutes, higher educational establishments of the country, including “Turkmengas”, “Turkmenhimiya” State Concerns, Institute “Sun”, Institute of Seismology, Institute of biology and medicinal plants of Turkmenistan, Institute of Chemistry and others took part in the work of two-day forum from the Turkmen party.

The composition of delegations includes 14 countries — Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Iran, France and others — scientists, professors, engineers, technologists of foreign scientific and research institutes, experts and specialists of sectoral enterprises, companies and others.

Our country has huge possibilities and prospects for wide use of renewable energy aimed at decrease of negative influence of industry on environment and health of people, level of harmful emissions in atmosphere. The reports of foreign guests were devoted to this and other topics in the course of plenary session of the conference held in the Center of Technologies. Such topic presented at the meeting as Turkmen-Japanese cooperation in research and development of innovative technologies for production of silicon with particularly high quality characteristics, playing decisive role for future global energy, potential and use of renewable energy and others arrested general attention.

Further, the work of international conference was held in two sections. One of them took place in the Center of Technologies, and the second — at the International Oil and Gas University. At the meeting, it was covered such important topics as significance of geothermal energy, power supply of works far from centralized system owing to solar and hydrogen energy, generation of energy from plastic and wood wastes, silicon production of “solar” quality: microwave heating system, and many others.

The reports of guests from Japan and Korea devoted to the international experience exchange in various spheres of cooperation, production of renewable energy from piezoelectric and photoelectric energy were of great interest for participants.

It was particularly considered the issues of the Turkmen-Japanese cooperation in research and creation of innovative pilotless vehicles for making digital 2D and 3D maps, definition of the center of location of natural resources and for application in agriculture.

Turkmen scientists presented wide spectrum of thematic reports, which told about possibilities of use of solar energy at motor transport enterprises, economic efficiency of use of renewable energy, elaboration of automation for alternative energy sources, possibilities of getting of thermal energy from used-up deep wells and others.

On December 3, International scientific conference entitled “Innovative technologies in use of renewable energy” will continue its work. It will be also discussed the issues related to introduction of renewable energy into industrial production, as well as considered the national and world experience in this sphere.

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