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The Training at SCST

Supreme Council on Science and Technology under the President of Turkmenistan (SCST) has launched the training on the use data acquisition, control and management system of technological processes of territorially distributed objects of electric power industry, heat-and-power engineering, water supply, petroleum and natural gas industry and municipal economy with use of information and communication technologies &151; SCADA within of the "Virtual Silk Way" project.

The training is carried out together with the partners of project from Technical University Hamburg-Harburg (Germany) on the basis of the specially equipped training center of SCST.

The experts from the Ministry of oil and gas industry and mineral resources, state concern "Türkmengaz", joint-stock company "Oil and Gas service", the Ministry of power engineering and industry and the Ministry of water economy are in the process of training getting acquainted with new generation of SCADA-package allowing to build integrated system for control and monitoring of diverse objects at real time mode.

During the training the traditional and remote form of training in an interactive mode by organization of videoconference through national scientific-educational network is being used.

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