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Central Scientific Library

«Ylym» Printing House of Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan.

Printing of monographs, scientific books, collections of research articles, thesis of scientific-practical conferences, including the programs of scientific and scientific-practical conferences, scientific, scientific-popular magazines and etc.

«Ylym» Publishing House of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan

«Ylym» Publishing House prints under contracts textbooks and teaching- methodological manuals mainly for institutions of higher education based on annual teaching plans of the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan.



The Central scientific library of the Academy of Turkmenistan was initiated on the 26 of October 1940 as a branch of the Academy of the USSR. Since the 1 st of January 1951 it is the Central scientific library (CSL) of the Academy of the TSSR. Since the 29 th of June 1998 it is Central Library of the Higher Council for Science and Technology at the President of Turkmenistan, on the 12 th of June 2009 it became the Central scientific library of the Academy of Turkmenistan.

The main task of CSL: To promote the increasing of the development of science and technology, an introduction of their achievements into production, to assist in the development of economy and culture. The service consists of the following: the creation of general fund of scientific literature; supply of library bibliographical service of scientific institutions of Turkmenistan’s AS, varions specialists of national economy, workers of culture. It conducts scientific research works on library science, bibliography science and book history (book science); implements the main library task on the creation of centralized libraries system of scientific research institutes (SRI) of Turkmenistan’s AS. It organizes and conducts books exchange with libraries and scientific institutions of neighbor foreign countries; implements regional central task of international library subscription. It creates archives and reserve fund of editions of Turkmenistan’s AS, creates and keeps personal fund of academicians, Associale Members, doctors of sciences, writers and public workers.

Structure of departments and sectors of Central scientific library:

— Department of an acquisition of printing editions;

— Sector of exchange of books with countries of Central Asia;

— Department of foreing literature and international exchange of books;

— Department of systematization and cataloging of Scientific literature;

— Department of service;

— Internet room;

— Department of book keeping;

— Sector of periodical editions;

— Department of Turkmen literature and rarities;

— Scientific-research department on bibliography science, library science and book science;

— Reference and library bibliographic department;

— Department of computerization and mechanization of library work;

— Department of printing editions scanning;

— Bindery department.

Department of an acquisition of library periodical editions: Completes to the library fund all periodical editions published in the country, makes inventory of joined literature.

Sector of exchange of books with countries of Central Asia: Organizes the work of books exchange with libraries of these countries and for the implementation of these tasks creates exchange-reserve fund.

Department of foreign literature and international books exchange: Gets printing editions published in various countries in different languages connecting with history, cultural development of Turkmenistan and creates their catalogue system. Conducts the work on the international books exchange.

Department of systematization and cataloging of Scientific literature: Creates and conducts alphabetical and systematic catalogues of periodic editions joined library, carries out library books entries published in Turkmen, Russian and in NIS countries languages, catalogues literature on all branches of knowledge.

Department of service: Supplies readers by literature keeping in library’ s fund. It organizes vast exhibitions devoted to political, cultural and national economic events in the country’s life. It organizes a constant exhibition of a new literature. It conducts exhibition devoted to famous and prominent persons, eminent scientists and also devoted to international and national holidays. On pages of periodical editions and on TV there speaks on conducted exhibitions and public activities.

Internet room: Serves post graduates, ones working for a doctor’s degree, candidates and scientific workers.

Department of book keeping: Places joined printing editions in inventory order. It is responsible for literature value and safety and regularly there is control for them. In time there implements readers demands on printing editions. It prepares books, journals for binding.

Sector of periodical editions: Is responsible for the acquisition and safety of newspapers and journals joined library’s fund on all branchers of knowledge.

Reference and library bibliographic department: It makes newspaper journal card index of articles of periodic editions which are issued in Turkmen and Russian. It also gives bibliographic references and conducts their archives. It participates in compiling bibliographical indices. Monthly it issues bulletin «New books», implements all kinds of reference works.

Department of Turkmen literature and rarities: Compiles all literature in Turkmen which is published in Turkmenistan and outside the country and also valuable literature in various languages concerning history, culture, flora and minerals of Turkmenistan, compiles manuscripts and theses keeping them with care. Supplies readers by the literature.

Department of computerization and mechanization of library works: Greates electronic, catalogue system of printing editions in all languages.

Department of printing editions scanning: Scans valuable and rare printing editions which are available in the library’s fund and supplies readers by them.

Department of bibliography, library science and book science: Compiles periodical and retrospective indices. Issues index named after «Turkmen scientists». It conducts scientific research work on book science, bibliography science and library science.

Bindery department: Regularly conducts work on maintenance of spoiled printing editions.

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