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The I-st International conference " Education, science, sports and tourism in the Great Revival epoch" will be held on May 1 — 3, 2008, in Ashgabat Exhibition Palace at the following address: 104, Garashsyzlyk ave., Ashgabat.

    The following issues will be considered at the conference:
  • modern tendencies of organization, development , financing of scientific activity and application of its results;
  • attraction of grants;
  • training and attestation of top quality scientific staff;
  • formation and functioning of an integral scientific-academic informational network;

Working languages; Turkmen, Russian and English.


For registration it is necessary to fill in the registration form of the participant of the conference

Registration form of the participant of the conference

Load the form in Rich Text File format (esst_conf_registration_form_en.rtf, 24KB)
Job Position 
Scientific degree, rank  
The organization (full name) 
The reduced organisations name (if there is) 
The address of the organization (with the postal index) 
Phone (office)(Code)
Fax (Code)
Theme of the report (performance) 
In what language the report is prepared  
Technical means needed (specify what) 
Necessity of booking a hotel accommodation. Type of reserved room  
Date of arrival. Date of departure  

Publication of theses

Theses should be submitted byl March, 30, 2008. Theses would be considered and published according to their registration on our site.

Corrections and amendments to theses are not accepted. According to the decision of the Organizing committee theses may be rejected, about what the participant will be informed not later than 2 weeks prior to the beginning of conference. Requirements to the form of theses submitted are listed below.

Theses of the report layout

  • Theses of the report are accepted only in one of the following formats:
  • Document Word for Windows (versions 6.0/95 or 97/2000/XP with .doc file extension);
  • The enriched text file (with .rtf file extension);
  • Text file in DOS or the Windows-coding (with .txt file extension).
    The following requirements should be observed:
  • The file should contain:
    In English Language The TITLE of THE REPORT THESES — in capital letters
    Surname, name, patronymic (in full) and e-mail of the author
    Full name of the organization (short name in brackets*), city (*is showed in case if it does not follows from the name of the organization)
    Annotation (1 paragraph up to 400 symbols) under the title Abstract
    Russian Language The NAME of the Report THESES — in capital letters
    Name, surname (in full/ and e-mail of the author (in brackets)
    Full name of the organization, city
    The summary (1 paragraph up to 400 symbols) under heading
    In English language Value of thesiss not more 10 000 symbols, including spaces (list of literature also is includes into statistical data)
    List of used literature under the title Literature
  • Format of page — 4. Font Arial, 12 items/points, a line spacing — unary. Width of the text: 14,7 sm
  • Formatting of the text:
    • Any actions in the text ("red" lines, a centering, spaces, carries in words, etc.), except for allocation of words/semiboldface, underlinings , marked and numbered (the first level) lists /are forbidden;
    • Figures, formulas and tables are allowed only in cases when it is impossible to describe the subject/process in the text form. In this case each object should not exceed the specified sizes of page, and its font should not be less than 12 items/points. Illustrations are authorized to be inserted only in a vector format (CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, WMF, Visio), formulas only in raster (GIF, JPEG, BMP, TIFF) format. All objects should be black-and-white without shades, and the total amount of theses should not exceed 3 4 pages..
    • Intervals should not be compacted;
    • In case the requirements are infringed the theses would be rejected;
    • Correspondence with authors is not conducted and the updated versions are not accepted.
    • Paragraphs should be separated from each other by empty line (additional "Enter").
    • It is necessary to keep the main rules of computer set (for example, not put a blank before a punctuation mark ,; it is necessary to put the blank after it)
    • In case theses are submitted in format MSWord'á, to put —  — instead of a hyphen there, where it is necessary according to the rules of Russian language, but not —. (combination of keys <Ctrl> + <Alt> + <a grey minus>).
  • It is desirable not to archive files. If you apply archivers we ask you to use only formats .zip or .rar. Receiving of your letter with theses will be informed and confirmation letter will be sen to you.

Attention. Names of files should begin with a surname of the author (authors) SURNAME.

Transferring of theses and registration form

Under the report on section "Science" it is necessary to direct the Application form for participation in work of conference, the registration form of the participant of the conference, theses of the report and report presentation should be submitted to the Supreme Council on a science and technology under the President of Turkmenistan to the following address: 744000, 15, Bitarap Turkmenistan ave., Ashgabat, Turkmenistan or e-mail to the address of the organizing committee of the conference : Email —

Reciprocal letter of the Organizing committee is the guarantee of reception of your theses.

The collection of reports abstracts would be issued by the beginning of our conference!

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