International exhibition and scientific conference «Education, science, sport and tourism in the Great Revival epoch»

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Dear colleagues!

We invite you to take part in the International exhibition and scientific conference «Education, science, sport and tourism in the Great Revival epoch»

The exhibition and conference will be held in November 24—26, 2010 at the Ashgabat exhibition hall, according to the Resolution of the President of Turkmenistan dated of November 6, 2009, by address: Independence Avenue, 104.

The organizers of conference:

— Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan

— Academy of sciences of Turkmenistan

— State Committee of Turkmenistan for Tourism and sport

— Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan

Conference is devoted to the following issues:

  • The State policy in the fields of education, science, tourism and sport
  • Modern educational environment
  • Education quality
  • Training and attestation scientific staff of the highest qualification
  • Innovation technologies for development of the branches of economy of Turkmenistan
  •  Information and communication technologies
  • Tendencies and perspectives of the tourism development, physical training and sport
  • International co-operation in the sphere of education, science, tourism and sport

The subjects of the conference can be supplemented according to the proposals of the participants.

Requirements for official registration of the materials for participation in the conference you can find at:

All expenses related to travel (air and railway transport) and accommodation in Turkmenistan of the participants of scientific conference who received the official invitation of the Organizing Committee will be covered by inviting side.

Information concerning the terms of participation in the exhibition can be received at the website of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan (

The deadline for applicants:

For participation in the:

Exhibition — October 20, 2010.

Conference — September 20, 2010

Organising committee

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