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for the registration of relevant documents for participation in the Scientific Conference «Science, technology and development of innovative technologies» dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Independence of Turkmenistan.

Conference working languages: Turkmen, English and Russian.

To participate in the conference, it is necessary to:

1. Fill in the registration form of the conference participant;

2. Full report, brief outline report (thesis), abstract, and participant’s registration form have to be sent in one of the conference working languages.

Registration form of the conference participant

(Regular font, Times New Roman, 12)






Academic degree, title


Workplace of current employment (name, address and telephone of organization)

Title of the report

Thematic direction of the report

General requirements to design of the report, thesis and abstracts of the report:

1. Brief outline of report (thesis) should not exceed 1.5 pages in 4 format (210×297 mm), and the abstract should be on 0,5 pages in 4 format.

2. The report, thesis, and abstract should be typed in Times New Roman font and contain in line:

- name and surname of the author(s) (in full); the brief name of the state is indicated in brackets (for example, Boris Johnson (The Netherlands), font 14 semi-bold, placed on the page center;

- title of the report is typed in capital letters, font 16 semi-bold, placed on the page center;

- name and surname of the reporter (all surnames are indicated in case of several authors), font 14 normal.

- before typing the following text, one-line spacing (empty line) must be left.

3. The main content of the report, thesis, and abstract should be typed in font 14 and aligned by page width, line spacing is single.

Mathematical formulas must be typed on a computer using the relevant formula editors.

Margins: top and bottom — 2.0 cm, left — 2.5 cm, right — 1.5 cm.

4. The list of literature should include all references to literature in the order of their occurrence in the text. References to literature in the report text must be numbered by figures in square brackets: [1], [2], [3—5], etc. The List of literature must be placed at the end of the brief outline report text under the heading LIST of LITERATURE.

5. The pages of the report, brief outline reports and annotation are not numbered.

6. The presence of figures, formulas and tables is allowed only in cases where it is impossible to describe the process in text form. In this case, each object should not exceed the specified page sizes, and the font in it should not be less than 14. The total volume of thesis together with figures, formulas and tables should not exceed 1,5 page of A4 format.

7. All materials submitted for the conference are accepted only in document Microsoft Word (with *.doc, *docx extension);

8. Corrections and additions in thesis are not accepted.

9. The submissions may be rejected by the decision of the Organizing Committee.

10. Accepted documents will not be returned.

11. Do not archive the files!


1. Thesis (Brief outline reports — 1,5 page) and abstracts (4—5 lines) are placed in one file. File names should contain the surname and name of the reporter. For example, reporter — Robert Jans, file name: «Atayev N. tez.doc».

2. Registration forms are filled in by all authors of the report and placed in one file. First, the registration forms of the speaker/reporter, and then the co-authors.

3. The file name for the registration form must combine the surname and name of the author and the code design «reg». For example: «Jans R. reg.doc».

4. An application for participation in the conference must be submitted before April 15, 2021 to the following email addresses:,


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