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Science and Technology of Youth, #4, 2019

Science and Technology of Youth, #3, 2019

Science and Technology of Youth, #2, 2019

Science and Technology of Youth, #1, 2019

Science and technics in Turkmenistan

The scientific journal is designed for a wide range of scientists of different specialties, teachers, and students.
The scientific journal has 3 sections: the humanities; biological sciences; physic-mathematical, technical, chemical and geological sciences.

Problems of Desert Development

The magazine is one of the few publications in the world, highlighting the most important results of research and development experience in the arid lands of the world.

The popular science magazine «Miras»

The journal publishes articles by leading scientists and experts from around the world relating to the cultural heritage of Turkmenistan, Central Asia and East.

About the electronic popular science journal «Science and Technology of Youth»

The Electronic popular science journal «Science and Technology of Youth», hosted on the website of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, is a peer-reviewed journal where scientific articles by young researchers will be published. The main goal of the journal is to attract young people to scientific efforts, to stimulate interest in science, to develop creative abilities, and to promote professional development.

In accordance with the Concept of the President of Turkmenistan on attracting young people to science, preparing a new generation of researchers , the journal will post scientificarticles of post graduate and doctoral students, researchers, teachers, students and young professionals in priority directions of science.

Proposals and projects, as well as scientific research carried out by young scientists, innovative achievements, significant branches of applied sciences, theoretical information will be reflected in the online journal.

On the official website of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, 4 issues of the journal will be published annually.

Journal materials can be used only with reference to this edition.

Journal editorial address is Ashgabat, st. Bitarap Turkmenistan, bldg. 15.

Contacts: 94-01-68, 94-30-55, e-mail:

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