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The scientific journal «Science and technics in Turkmenistan» (earlier «The news Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan») has been published since March 1, 1999.

The scientific journal has 3 sections: the humanities; biological sciences; physic-mathematical, technical, chemical and geological sciences.

In the section of humanities is published the materials on the achievements and prospects of the development of science in Turkmenistan, the articles concerning the history, the problems of education, culture and art, language and literary heritage of the Turkmen people. The problems of transformation of the national economy, agrarian relations, the functioning of social services under the market conditions.

In the biological sciences section is published the results of fundamental and applied research on various issues: the vegetation of Turkmenistan and its origins, physiology, genetics, plant breeding and cell biology, microbiology, ecology and fauna of the country and of the animal world. Particular attention is paid to environmental issues, closely intertwined with the interests of environmental protection and human health.

In the physic-mathematical, technical, chemical and geological sciences sections is highlighted the results of the scientific works of institutions and scientists of Turkmenistan in these areas.

The scientific journal is designed for a wide range of scientists of different specialties, teachers, and students.

Basic materials are published in the Turkmen language. Since 2007, the scientific articles are published in brief summaries in Russian and English languages.

Publication frequency — 6 issues per year. The scientific journal is distributed under agreements with universities and Turkmenistan on a subscription.

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