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High rates of growth and great achievements, gained under the leadership of our National Leader Respected Gurbanguly Berdimuhammedov in the Epoch of New Revival and Great Changes in the result of successful realization of great works in our beloved Motherland, are recognized not only in Turkmenistan but all over the world. At present fundamental changes, carried out for the benefit of our people in different spheres of state and social life, are realized successfully. On the initiative and under the wise leadership of our Respected President domestic and foreign policy, directed to strengthening democracy, radical reformation of national economy, increase of social and living conditions of life of our people, is carried out successfully. Our nation supports these initiatives of our Leader and actively participates in their realization. Wise approach to each issue and decisive actions of our Respected President promote timely and effective implementation of planned programs and projects. Social-economic changes, yielding good results in all spheres of social life, are the vivid example of it. In the first place these are changes in the systems of education, science, health protection and social security. Decrees and Resolutions, adopted by our Respected President concerning education, science, are the progressive direction of development of educational policy and create conditions for more creative, effective activity of the workers of education and science system. Education and science play an important role in supply of growth rates of society.

Taking into consideration this fact in the speech, made at the meeting of Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan held on the 12th of June, our Respected President set concrete tasks before scientific community of our country. Decree and Resolution «About Establishment of Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan» and «About Issues of Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan», adopted at this meeting by our Respected President, have historical significance. As these documents open up wide possibilities for working out scientific concept, scientific substantiation of the further growth of Turkmenistan, our Motherland gain new achievements rapidly. That is why these documents, adopted by our National Leader, were cordially approved by the scientific community.

Introduction of leading scientific achievements of the whole world, wide use of new technique, technology, training specialists, who are able to meet the demands of modernity, became the basic direction. Stable growth, based on the science, is the evidence of realization of documents, adopted by our Respected President and connected with the development of science, education, upbringing of youth in the Epoch of New Revival and Great Changes.

At present well-grounded approach to the development of science is realized in our independent and neutral country. Establishment of postgraduate course, institutions of doctoral candidacy is the valuable support of the state in order to gain new achievements in the science. Science has not bounds and limits. Creation of all conditions, possibilities by our Head of the State for the education in different parts of the world, study of important and prior directions, and exchange of experience promote development of the Turkmen science. On the one hand development of market economy in our country is the guarantee of the use of activity, creative energy of all ranks of society; on the other hand it promote use of scientific achievements, quick and deep study, mastering and improvement of all directions of science.

In the epoch of rapid development of political, economic and cultural relations, recognition of Turkmenistan as the stable and reliable state by the other countries of the world new revival of the work of scientific community, introduction of effective discoveries into production are required at present time. To implement these requirements our Respected President created optimal conditions and clearly determined prior directions. That is why the desire of use of new approach to science and work, being inspired by great changes, occurs in our powerful state.

Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan is the higher research institution, the aim of which is to consolidate efforts of scientists for implementation of fundamental researches in different spheres of science, national economy, rich centuries-old spiritual heritage and solution of social and economic problems.

At present 11 research institutes work under authority of Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan. Important researches on physics and mathematics, chemistry, geology and technical sciences, medicine, biology, agricultural sciences and humanities are carried out in them; these researches will increase power and international authority of our state. Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan is the coordinating centre of scientific researches, carried out by the higher educational establishments and research institutes of different ministries and agencies. Academy of Sciences organizes its work on the basis of international relations; international, intergovernmental and interdepartmental agreements on scientific-technical cooperation and as well as grants given by the programs of international organizations. Academy of Sciences carries out the works on conduct of analysis of scientific projects, textbooks and manuals, foreign technologies delivered to Turkmenistan, as well as wide use of new domestic and foreign technologies, introduction of the results of researches and practical-methodological works into production. Being guided by the Resolutions and Decrees of President of Turkmenistan on the development of science, training of highly qualified specialists and scientific workers, whose work is necessary for national economy of the country, Academy of Sciences carries out the work on admittance in postgraduate course, institutions of doctoral candidacy and clinical studies.

Central Scientific Library, «Ylym» Publishing House and Printing House are under the authority of Academy of Sciences.

Basic directions of researches earned out at the institutes of Academy of Sciences are described in the anniversary edition, dedicated to the date of establishment of Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan on the 12th of June 2009 by the Decree of our Respected President and published in Turkmen, English and Russian.

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